"Police communication network goes down during Y2K preparedness process", Boston Globe, 8/22/1999

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jsprat@eld.net), August 22, 1999



I thought that Boston was one of the very few U.S. cities that claimed to be Y2K compliant for their mission critical systems. Oh, well, can't beieve 'em all ....

-- Jack (jsprat@eld.net), August 22, 1999.

Not to worry Jack. This is one of Hoff's implementation errors. He says they will not increase, and anyway they don't count for some reason.

-- a (a@a.a), August 22, 1999.

Dude, this happened in Waterbury, Vermont, not Boston. (Hoffy will be so proud of me for catching that!!)

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.com), August 22, 1999.

Jack: Is there another article? This one deals with Vermont.

-- Neil G.Lewis (pnglewis1@yahoo.com), August 22, 1999.

The report was from the Boston Globe, the incident occured in Waterbury.

But maybe the rest of the state will be compliant too; at least this city is trying to repair things.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), August 22, 1999.

Sorry everyone -- both for the original messed up link and also for my messed up comment about "Boston". This article appeared in today's Boston Globe, but it indeed is about a system in a city in Vermont. (And yes, I can hear Hoffmeister now: "Jack, don't you ever read these things before you comment?")

-- Jack (jsprat@eld.net), August 22, 1999.

The bad news is the remediation had flaws. The good news is that their citizens know that testing and further repairs are being undertaken NOW, instead of being put off to fix-on-failure, when there could be other stresses impacting the community. I'd actually find it reassuring to have a few glitches going on around me these days, if it was an indication that "Y2K fixes" were at least in the testing stages. When there is "no news", I worry that THAT is bad news, as we progress through the last half of '99. Surely there should be a few glitches mentioned somewhere, I would think, if appropriate testing is going on.

We said these remediations probably would be hard to get perfectly right the first time, right? I hope communities will be understanding and patient, and NOT treat testing problems as displays of officials' incompetence, or some other form of "GOTCHA!"

-- Kristi (KsaintA@aol.com), August 23, 1999.

Kristi, its not a matter of "incompetence", its the lateness of the hour and the worry of how many places are NOT doing this. Or are not doing this because they don't consider something mission critical when it really is.

By the way, do you mudwrestle?

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.com), August 23, 1999.

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