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I am a novice building my first layout and intend to use DCC and Micro Engineering turnouts. I have read the section on making these turnouts DCC friendly and for the most part understand the process with one exception. I think the suggestion is to eliminate the throw bar and spring and replace it with a circuit board throwbar. I am confused in that the throw bar also has a metal tie bar bar connecting the point rails. Do the instructions also mean to eliminate the metal cross bar? If so, i'm not sure I understand the need to do that. Can anyone help me better understand this? Thanks, Jim Eick

-- Jim Eick (MAE0223@NEGIA.NET), August 21, 1999



The circuit board tie bar should have the copper bonding cut or filed through between the points so that they don't short out. The DCC friendly modifications assure that each point has the same poliarity as their mating stock rail. This will allow for wheels to pass through without any chance of shorting from the back side accross the gap. By polarizing the issolated frog for the route of travel, the turnout now has full electrical continuity and is 'short resistant'.

-- Ed McCamey (, August 21, 1999.

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