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This is a long report from a slow server, it contains some new and old review information. In particular it adds good definitions to some of the Slides and Graphs that have been bantered about in the Government sites.

I recomend that all visit this site and at least skim read the document. The site has other information too.


Supplement No. 4

54 Pages



- Y2K Consequences to

Local Governments

& Citizens



Franklin D. Frith II

August 19, 1999

-- helium (, August 21, 1999



Let's see if I can do this... thanks helium : )



-- Michael Taylor (, August 21, 1999.

Hot dog!

Ok... missed the second url so...



-- Michael Taylor (, August 21, 1999.

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-- Michael Taylor (, August 21, 1999.

Good long page to look over. Worth your time. The pressurized official Countdown begins September 1, just 11 days away ...

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, August 21, 1999.

Very interesting reading, Im going to spend the rest of the afternoon analzing, the lead page list 54 pages, I printed out 44pages. For those who have looked already at the Navel War College parts of this it gets better when you get to END-GAME STRATEGY ...Thanks Helium...---...

-- Les (, August 21, 1999.

A & L

Didn't have time to read the posted site yet - am canning and making pickles today and am between canners!

My question is this: Does anyone know why the military picked Sept. 1 as their Y2k start-day (for lack of a better phrase)? Why not Oct. 1 or Nov. 1 when most of the police agencies etc. have set their no- vacation time frame? Just curious. Seems like that is early for the military to set up their "Y2K alert" time frame. Could it have anything to do with GPS roll over? Or the 9's problem that everyone seems to think is not a problem?

-- Valkyrie (, August 21, 1999.


in answer to your question,go to

category:martial law

date: June 6th,1999

subject: military web site discusses martial law

-- maggie (, August 21, 1999.

In regards to my post earlier, the end of it is missing. Please try this:

could someone hot link, please.

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-- Andy (, August 21, 1999.

At the Century change, the King of Spain will not be on a plane!

-- King of Spain (, August 21, 1999.

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