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Where can I obtain a wiring harness with female connector to match male connector supplied with MRC HO decoders. I am getting ready to install several decoders in locos of various make. I intend to mount the decoders in the tenders or dummys.

-- Ted Bredson (, August 20, 1999



The MRC decoders have the standard NMRA plug. This is not a very standard connection. I would sugest just cutting it off and solder your connections for the engines you hardwire the decoder into. On the new DCC ready engines the plug will fit into the manufacture supplied NMRA DCC socket. You can go to an elctronics supply (Radio Shack) and get the "Machined" DIP sockets (round fit sockets), cut them in half, and glue them back to back to fit with the NMRA plug. You then have to solder the tails withwires for the installation. This advanatage allows for plug and swap of decoders. You can make a pinheader NMRA plug that allows the rewired locomotive to then go run on DC for visiting layouts. Ready made pin plugs are available from several DC suppliers.

-- Ed McCamey (, August 21, 1999.

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