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I currently use the self-timer (with the 2 second pre-fire MLU feature) when shooting landscapes on tripod. Based upon the instruction manual, it is unclear if the basic remote cord RS-60E3 supports the MLU feature or if I need the wireless RC-1?

If both do support the MLU feature, which is more convenient? I currently find myself forgetting that the self-timer is set and have handheld MLU exposures.

About how much do these accessories cost (not listed in B&H catalog)?

-- Ken Katz (ken.katz@gecapital.com), August 20, 1999


I believe both remotes support mirro pre-fire. I use the RC-1 most of the time, since it's more convenient for me, it's smaller and fits on the camera strap so I don't forget it!

Email B&H for prices. The RC-1 runs around $20 I think.

-- Bob Atkins (bobatkins@hotmail.com), August 20, 1999.

Ken, The RC-1 supports the MLU best because it has a 2 second switch so that the you don't have to wait the full ten for the shutter to release. I assume the RS-60E3 supports it, but you would have to wait the full ten seconds. If you have to do that you might as well just press the shutter yourself, the vibrations from pressing the shutter will be gone before the exposure is actually taken. I have both, and prefer the RC-1. Like Bob said it is very handily kept on the camera strap with a simple release. For landscapes you set it all up, press the timer button on the camera, and then just put your hand in front and press the RC-1. Make sure it is set to 2 seconds.

-- Ted Hendy (hendy@c2i2.com), August 21, 1999.

Since the shutter release ON THE CAMERA allows the 2 second delay, (unlike earlier models), the remote does too. Check custom function 5.

-- Bob Atkins (bobatkins@hotmail.com), August 22, 1999.

Yep, you're right. Disregard my comment about waiting 10 seconds. With the RS-60E3 it's just like pressing the shutter and you don't have to hit the timer button first. With the RC-1 you have to have the timer button set first, but then you set the 2 seconds on the remote. Either way, CF 5 has to be set to 1. Ted

-- Ted Hendy (hendy@c2i2.com), August 22, 1999.

Is it fair to say that with either device, the self-timer button must be on in order to activate the MLU feature?

-- Ken Katz (ken.katz@gecapital.com), August 26, 1999.

Hi Ken, I was mistaken when I talked about the self timer being necessary when you use the remote cord. You don't need to set the timer for that. When you use the RS 60E3 the button on it operates just like the shutter button. You can have the shutter release when you press it, you can have a ten second delay when you press it if you set the self timer, or you can use CF 5 set to 1 and have the 2 second mirror pre fire. With the RC1 you DO need to have the self timer set. Then on the RC1 you set it to either 'on' (I don't recall the exact marker) or to 2. When set to 'on' the camera fires right away when you press it. When set to 2 it will give you a 2 second delay. Be aware that when you use the RC1 you need to focus and then set the lens to M (manual focus). That's because from the front, where you need to be to use the RC1, you can't control where the camera will focus when you press the release. So you have to pre- focus and then lock the focus by turning the lens button to manual. Sorry for the original confusion. Ted

-- Ted Hendy (hendy@c2i2.com), August 27, 1999.

Boy have I really screwed this post up. I answered my previous questions on the RS 60E3 based on my readings of the manual and the Magic Lantern book. Unfortunately I or it was wrong. So this afternoon I went to the camera and tried it out to see what really happens. On my Elan IIE here is what happens. Set CF 5 to 1 if you want MLU. But then you MUST set the self timer for it to take effect whether you use the wire remote, wireless, or shutter button. When using the RS 60E3 or the shutter button itself, with CF 5 set to 1 and the self timer set, the timer goes to 2 seconds, pre-fires the mirror, and then takes the picture. The 10 second delay is not in effect. Without the self timer set the MLU does not take effect whether CF5 is set to 1 or 0. When using the RC1 you still need to set the RC1 to 2, CF 5 to 1, and set the self timer. Before I answer another question I will double check it on the equipment first. Ted

-- Ted Hendy (hendy@c2i2.com), August 29, 1999.

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