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recently,I bough a nikon lense 80-200mmf2.8D.I also consider to buy a 2x converter for my new lense. But nikon 2x converter is expensive. Is there other brand suitable for my new lense? Please advise about the quality.


-- tan kok choon (tkcplanet@hotmail.com), August 20, 1999


Dear Kok Choon,

Kenko and Tamron makes tele-converters for several brands.

Personally, I've not tried any of them, but I would strongly recommend you get the 1.4x converter. One thing, you don't lose too much light as compared to the 2x. And anything magnified less is better than more, that goes for distortions too.

There are several tele-converter users at asiaphoto.com so posting your queries there might get you some helpful answers.

Good luck.

Paul Chuah

-- Paul Chuah (the_photo_workshop@Yahoo.com), August 22, 1999.

Kok Choon,

If your is the D series for 2x you could look at the Kenko 2x D version. They had 2 versions a nond and a d - the non d on a d lens hunts a lot on af. BUT this is a high trade off as the af is slow and pictre quality drops unless you stop down 1 to 2 stops which mean suddenly you have a very slow len. Tripod or monopod would be needed; 200 of higher speed will be essential.

YOu could also look at the TC16A which performs surprising very well with the 80-200. There is a little loss in quality but it is only real obvious if you do side by side comparison. Down side you lose matrix metering and full af - you have partial af but this is very fast.Unfortunately this can only be found used - prices have gone up to about 240 / 260.

Email me if you need further info.

-- ellery chua (ellery@pacific.net.sg), September 08, 1999.

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