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Some time back there was some discussion of canned bacon in the stores, but people said that it seems to only be around in Alaska. Well LA is a ways from Alaska, but I have to be in Juno next week. Does anyone know of a brand name of canned bacon so I can look for it when I go?

-- Smfdoc (, August 19, 1999


The brand I remember was DAK. I think it was Danish. We took it hunting a lot because the bears couldn't smell it til you poped the seal on the can. You might try that.

-- nine (, August 20, 1999.

The brand that is in Alaska now days is CELEBRITY. I got two cases last year out of Fairbanks, but not too long ago someone was saying they could no longer find it. I talked with the importers of Dak, Bristol, etc and they said no one is bringing it into the lower 48. Celebrity Foods is in Elizabeth, NJ but I can find no email or phone# for them. They are/were the only ones bringing in bacan. Its a product of Hungry. They also bring in the hams and luncheon meat, as in Spam. Celebrity luncheon meat is the best, I think. Eckerds drug stores usually have it but you can't order it by the case. I just buy what they have each time I go there. If someone could get hold of Celebrity Foods, maybe we could get it into the lower 48. My friend in Fairbanks will come outside for winter and hopes to bring two more cases of it. Its good and what better way to store bacon grease, than in the can? One can go a long way on bacon grease and corn bread if one has too. Read the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. You will learn a lot plus its a gripping story of the Great Depression.

Taz...who does like her bacon and eggs!

-- Taz (, August 20, 1999.

I buy Tones Real Bacon Bits from Sam's in the 1lb can. It is real bacon and very good to use in omelettes, tomatoes sandwiches, etc. The cost was under $5 a can. A lot cheaper than the small jars you find in the grocery aisle from Hormel. Hormel and Tones have a shelf life of 5 or more years.

-- Carol (, August 20, 1999.

Taz info is correct. Again, Costco says it is no longer available, no reason given. Sounds like the perfect item to be processed commercially in the U.S. (hint, hint). I have 2 cases of 24 each purchased about a year ago on the Kenai peninsula, and think that was the last 2 in the world. Where should we start the bidding?

-- A. Hambley (, August 20, 1999.

I found a great bacon product at my local Costco yesterday. It is "Redy Crisp" Premium-Cut Bacon which is vacuum packed in two 25 slice per pouch bags. Just warm in microwave or oven (skillet) The company has a toll free number on the box. 1-800-998-1006, it is SHK Fodds, Inc Madison WI.

If you love bacon and want it in your storage this may be a way (I have not tested the product yet, but I think it is the same stuff a lot of resturants use).

Good Luck

-- helium (, August 20, 1999.

I am confused:

What is all of this about canned bacon? A slab of country-cured bacon will last till next fall [cinnoman cured is the best]; even in the heat. It has always been so.


-- Z1X4Y7 (, August 21, 1999.

Ok Z1..... tell us about slab bacon. How do you keep it after you begin whittling on it? Wrap in cheese cloth? Dip it in fly spray?(I am kidding, don't flame me) I know that ham is preserved too. But I want the details of how you keep it after you start eating it. And where do you get it? I am not about to butcher my pet Pot Bellied Pig for a rasher of bacon. Canned sounds a lot more sanitary and handy than a slab of bacon. But its like storing fuel...what happens when its gone? So bring on the bacon!! Inquiring minds want to know.

Taz...who does like bacon!!

-- Taz (, August 22, 1999.


I have vacuum sealed country ham slices and they seem to be doing ok so far. I sealed them in March. If you buy country ham, have it sliced and vacuum seal it in portions, that might be an answer. I am going to do more ham at the end of the year.

-- Dian (, August 22, 1999.


You have become too citified there in NC. You just cut slices when you bring the slab into the house. In our case it just doesn't last that long. One cat and two dogs from the herd must have a slice each morning. [I suffer from low cholesteral and must comsume fat, so I eat some]. I know that this is stupid, but it is as it is. We buy both locally and from Burgers [California, MO; don't have time to do this anymore]. If it is really cured it will store. Their Attic cured hams are food forever. But, you must adapt to old time flavors and know how to process them.


-- Z1X4Y7 (, August 22, 1999.

Z: just how does one process the stuff to make it edible? I moved to the south some years ago, and was so dissappointed in the country ham-its way too salty to eat. Is there a way to draw some of the salt out before cooking? I tried soaking it, but it didnt seem to help much. Maybe I just dont know the right way.

-- LauraA (, August 23, 1999.

For those of you in the western states with a Grocery Outlet available { an Emporium Galorium of enticing & sometimes improbable canned goods, & what-nots on sale {they have a website}} we spied 1 lb. sized cans of bacon. I've not opened one up, it does not resemble the luscious cans of Canadian style bacon my mom used to get for long term camping. Maybe they are end pieces, sorry I can't be of more help - I squirreled my coupla cans away in the rat's nest already. I think the brand was Hormel, big black labels. If you see something interesting at these places, pick it up...prolly won't be there next time!

-- flora (***@__._), August 27, 1999.

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