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Hello everyone

Today in The Toronto Star, an article written by Helen Caldicott was printed. It was entitled "The Sky, indeed may be falling". I cannot post it here because the newspaper did not include this article on its daily website, and it is very long. I know this is really frustrating, but I will give the gist.

She said she had met with White House officials, including Koskenin, and also NRC and DOD people who all reassured her there is nothing to worry about, but with nothing to back that up. She went into great detail about how the reactors work and about nuclear weapons etc. She says there is still time to install turbines etc. to power every nuclear reactor.

She said Mr. Koskenin admitted the possibility of random power outages and said the DOD official admitted "that the U.S. policy of "hair trigger alert" was a vexatious problem when combined with date related embedded chips and glitches in the early-warning and automated communications systems".

She ends by suggesting two things:

- provide alternative generators - solar, wind turbines etc.

- take the 4,400 Russian and U.S. strategic weapons off hair trigger status.

Most of what she said has been discussed in depth on this forum. One thing I did not know was that "although Russia initially assessed its early-warning communications and control systems for nuclear weapons, it has only completed the second stage of a five-part Y2K remediation process."

I am sorry I could not post the whole article. I looked for it on the internet, but could not find it. Perhaps someone else will.

The main point of all this though, is that this is the first alarming article of depth I have read in our papers. I think it is a good sign. I have noticed more people are becoming aware of it.


-- citygirl (, August 19, 1999


Thanks for the report. Do you happen to know if Helen Caldicott mudwrestles?

-- King of Spain (, August 19, 1999.

Meanwhile, here in River City, I am still waiting for the so-called "Media Hype" to begin. I think the computers at our local papers have had a premature roll over, and the local press thinks that it IS 1900. That must explain the editorials I keep seeing like, "Those two young fools up in Dayton actually think that thing will fly!" and,"If I ever caught my wife near a voting booth, why I'd take a buggy-whip to her!"

I think the reporters around this town think that Y2K is some sort of "personal" lubricant. Will someone please wake me, when the "Media Hype" starts?

-- Bokonon (, August 19, 1999.

Uhh, maybe tomorrow, Bonkerson. Big to-do about a recently liberated Navy report that says U.S. cities are toast. The WASHINGTON POST has just published it (one thread up), will probably get high visibility elsewhere.

-- King of Spain (, August 19, 1999.

Hi king of spain I bet ya you can get helen Caldicott to mudwrestle you if you can convince the world to de alert all the nukes. Heck if you can do that I pay someone to mudwrestle you.

-- y2k aware mike (y2k aware mike @ conservation . com), August 20, 1999.

This article was also in today's Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

We saw Helen Caldicott speak up at Real Goods this summer.

King, if you mudwrestled that lady, you'd lose! She is one tough and committed person.

-- seraphima (, August 20, 1999.

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