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I've seen the thread on Katadyn filters at Galyans, but I am much more inclined towards the Big Berkey. I have seen various prices in the past, and now that I am nearly ready to get mine, wonder where you have found the best prices for them? FYI, Northern VA is my area, but will also mail order if necessary. Thanks in advance!

-- Elaine Seavey (, August 19, 1999


Did a ton of research Berkey is much better.URL Call 1-877-689-3755.Both two new PVC model cheap 159$,thanks to the pollies no doubt.

-- HHH (, August 19, 1999.


You can use the same Doulton ceramic or carbon/ceramic filter cartridges that make the Berkey so effective, set up as siphon filters, for less money. See, email Gene Franks at or call 940-382-3814 for details. He's in Texas but ships promptly.

No financial interest here, just a satisfied customer.

-- Lee (, August 19, 1999.

You folks on this forum are terrific! Answers already! Thank you both and God bless you.

-- Elaine Seavey (, August 19, 1999.

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