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Bank error makes Alabama man a millionaire for a week

From Time to Time: Nando's in-depth look at the 20th century HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (August 19, 1999 - Roger Dudley made the most of the $1.6 million that showed up in his checking account: investments, gifts for his wife, paid off the truck and those credit cards. Now, he may face federal charges.

The Secret Service and federal prosecutors are reviewing the case. Officials at AmSouth Bank said no charges had been filed as of Wednesday.

Dudley, 21, told WAAY-TV he discovered the extra money in his AmSouth account when he asked for his balance about two weeks ago.

"It's a dream and a nightmare at the same time," he said. "Reality didn't set in for a couple of days. It mixes you up bad."

Dudley kept most of the money in the bank. But he still spent plenty, buying 7,000 shares of AmSouth mutual funds and an airplane ticket and earrings for his wife.

The fortune vanished almost as quickly as it appeared: Federal agents met Dudley at the bank Monday, and the account was frozen.

AmSouth Bank spokesman Jim Underwood said the mistake apparently resulted from a printing error when another customer ordered new deposit slips. Underwood did not identify the customer whose money went into Dudley's account, but WAAY reported it was a hospital in Mobile.

Underwood said customers must notify the bank if extra money shows up in an account.

"It was nice while it lasted," Dudley said. "Someday I'll say, 'I remember when I was a millionaire.'"

-- Dan G (, August 19, 1999


Is there a Y2K story here? Printing mistakes occur quite frequently. As a matter of fact, someone I know last year received a new pack of checks only to find another bank customer's checks mixed in with hers. The checks aren't printed at the bank but at a "professional" printing company. Maybe I'm lost but I really don't think EVERY mistake these days has a relation to Y2K, not even every bank mistake!

-- just wandering (am@I.stupid?), August 19, 1999.

There probably isn't a Y2K story here, but there possibly could be one like this in the future. I thought the story was rather amusing.

-- bardou (, August 19, 1999.

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