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I got this response from NBC in seattle:

"do you know of any specific pastors who have been sent this sermon that we might speak with?"

after i sent an email to them requesting they broadcast this story. Can you guys ask your pastor about this sermon & see if any have received it? & if so, would they be willing to discuss it for the news?-- my email is, and has been , real.

Lets Get the ABA story on the news for America to discuss-- Call your pastor and ask her or him have they received this scripted sermon. Maybe once the Jim Lord story gets confirmed we can do something about that, but this ABA story was found on the ABA site itself, so there's nothing to speculate as far as authenticity.

We have a chance to get this story on the Air-- please talk to your pastor about this.

-- Roy (Super) (, August 19, 1999


There is a blurb about the "ABA sermon" in the business section of the Houston Chronicle today.

-- quietly (, August 19, 1999.

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