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I am using Astarte M.Pack 3.0.2 and Toast 3.5.7 to successfully burn Video CD's that play in my Pioneer 515S DVD player but the sound is all chopped up. These same files play fine (including sound) on my G3 Powermac. I have noticed quite few postings on this same subject but no answers........ What is the secret ????

Thanks for ANY help but please do not reply with your own question ;-)

-- Geoff (, August 19, 1999


I've suffered the same fate - I use the same softare combo (MPack 3.02, Toast 4.0) and start with MPG files, but end up with VCD's that only play video w/no sound in my DVD player. If anyone's found a solution to this problem, please post. Start w/MPEG file (QT 4.0 says only 1 track, presumably contains both A&V) --> use M.Pack to convert to Toast-ready MPEG/VCD format --> use Toast 4.0 to burn --> VCD w/no sound and only video. Ugh!

-- Dave Winkler (, January 25, 2000.

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