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I would like to save seeds from my broccoli and carrots, but can't figure out where to get them from the plants. Could someone help? Thanks, Lori

-- Lori (, August 19, 1999


Set aside some carrots and brocalli in your garden and don't harvest them. The brocalli will go to bloom toward the end of the season. Just don't cut it. Eventually you will get the seed heads. With regards to carrots: if it doesn't get below 28 degrees leave them in the ground and they will go to flower the next spring and then to seed. If you live in a real cold climate, pull the carrots, cut about half the carrot away and trim the top back to about two inches and pack in sand in a cool place. In the spring, replant the carrot and it will bloom and then go to seed. Carrot seeds have whispy husks on them. You can remove by rubbing them between your hands or leave on the seed. Doesn't make any difference. Taz

-- Taz (, August 19, 1999.

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