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I have succesfully created a video CD using WinOnCD, whilst trying to play back on my Samsung 807 DVD player, the video appears on the screen but is not played correctly. It does not show all frames of the video and audio is also not played. It is almost like the MPEG decoding cannot cope with the file. I have tried many formats, PAL, NTSC etc. but all have similat problems.

-- Nick Lloyd-Jenkins (, August 18, 1999


I have come to the conclusion that getting consistancy in playing videoCd's in DVD players is the most difficult thing there is.

The make of the disk has been a problem for me, and since I do not seem to be able to locate the so called "double silver" discs in Adelaide the problem is which disk to use for the write. Maybe by experimenting with makes you may find one that will play in your system.

I have used TDK, BASF, SKC, Samsung, Media Excel and I am about to try Kodak. I have tested the disc's with pioneer, sony, phillips, toshiba and panasonic dvd's as available in australia and still have not bought one.

A friend in Vienna sent me a videocd with 14 files on it in the correct folder. Some DVD's refused to play any files, one only played two files and locked up, one played 4. No dvd player has yet played files 5 to 14 and my computer doesnot either. Who said this was easy, it sure is not consistant. Be nice if the technology was like tape and vcr's!

-- Ross McL (, August 23, 1999.


Indeed, the humble 'so called obselete' VCR does beat VCD in ease of making recordings from TV, Cam-Corders etc. and it can carry Dolby Prologic sound system as well.

For those who are hell-bent (and losing their hair) on insisting that their DVD/VCD players must play CD-Rs - simple answer - buy a seperate stand-alone VCD player. Prices for VCD players today are almost as the saying goes 'a dime a dozen' - I mean dirt cheap (and no more losing your hair and/or your head).

-- Tomo (, August 23, 1999.

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