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In the Ice Cream thread, I talked about nicknames given to me on account of my favorite food at the time. What kinds of nicknames have you had, or what kinds of nicknames do you think would be appropriate for someone you know?

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999


I'll start the topic off. People called me "Joycelyn" in high school - I think it was something someone in the cheer squad made up. My parents and some of my aunts and uncles have always called me "Juana". I don't know where that came from, nor do I particularly like it.

As for other people, I think "Fat Boy" would be a good nickname for Lance, as well as "Pig in the City", "He Who Thinks He's All That", or "Gap Tooth". Can you tell I like him? Can ya?

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

I like to call you "Joyberly", personally. I also call my brother Guy "Guyberly". I sometimes call my nephew "Sally", and in return he calls me "Josaphine". We both get a kick out of it. When we were much younger, my other brother and sisters used to call my brother Matt "Itchy-butt-walker", obviously because he walked like he had an itchy butt. He hated it. My parents hated it. That made it all the more fun.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

I don't know if this classifies as a nickname or whatever, but every time I would talk about Mike to someone, I'd always say "Mike Balogh". With Jaimee, if I mention the name "Mike", she'll sometimes ask "Balogh?", to which I'll say yes. It's weird, because I don't know any other guys named Mike, which is usually the reason why someone says the last name along with the first. Do you even like being called Mike? Or do you prefer Michael?

I sometimes call Nate "Nate-Dawg", and Jaimee "Jaimee Kid" (or "Cheese"). I call my sister "B", and my dog Buttons "Butts" or "Buddy".

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1999

I like to go by "Michael" these days. In pre-Costco times I used to go by "Mike" but after working there with some 12 other Mikes, I felt the longer version was more distinguishing. Lately though, everybody's been calling me "Mike B.". I prefer "Michael". Today at work I said "How's it goin' Trudemeyer?" to my buddy Trudy. To this she responded, "Uhh, huh huh, no, it's uh 'Gogurt', they call me 'GoGurt', huh huh huh....". Whatever, freak. If ever Butthead had a mother, she'd be it.

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1999

Michael it is, then. I'm so used to calling you "Mike" though. Maybe I'll just call you "Flash".

Jaimee and I got an apartment today. It's close (walking distance) to campus and other places (such as REI) I'm super-duper excited. More than you will ever know.

I'm also very full from eating at the Kowloon Garden. Ugh...full tummy...make me sleepy.

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1999

Since I was about a year old, family members have called me "Digger". There is a lot of controversy as where it got started, but that's what it is. "Digger" is actually a nickname of a nickname, because the full version is "Digger Dog", which is rarely used. Nowadays, no one calls me that except for my father. That's just fine with me. Also popular with family members is "Jaimee Joe".

When I was about ten, I looked like a boy and my sisters called me "My Brother Mike". That was just mean.

I get a whole lot of derivations of my name. I am Jaimee, James, Jaimster, Jaimers, Jaimaroo, Jaime (pronounced the Spanish way), Jaim, Jay, etc.

More recently, people at work have taken to calling me Scarlett or Miss Scarlett, in reference to my bout of scarlet fever. I gave Jason my scarlet fever right after I had it, so people think it's really funny to call him "Red". Get it? Red and Scarlett. People at Wal*Mart ooze with wit.

-- Anonymous, August 22, 1999

I bet I know where the nickname "Digger" came from. You picked your nose a lot as a child, didn't you? Or other, shall we say, bodily crevices?

-- Anonymous, August 22, 1999

Sorry, I never picked my nose. I got the nickname for one of three reasons (my family argues over who gave it to me and why) 1) I dug in my mother's plants a lot (and ate dirt) 2) I looked like the little girl in the commercial for the popular "Digger the Dog" toy 3) When I crawled I, my movements were similar to the "Digger the Dog" toy (which was a pull toy)

You decide.

-- Anonymous, August 26, 1999


Nose picker! Nose picker!

-- Anonymous, August 26, 1999

Nicknames I've been known as:

Skipper Cheech Flea(bag)

-- Anonymous, September 25, 1999

There's a guy at work who has started calling me "Jaimee James," and getting others to do the same. I do not like this.

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2002

Well don't listen to him then you fool!!!

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2002

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