OT-Object in sky puzzles scientists

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Asbury Park Press Wed Aug 18 "Nation" section:

Los Angeles: A mysterious celestial object detected three years ago in the northern sky is baffling scientists who have been unable to figure out its makeup or how far it is from Earth.

It's rare for astronomers to find an unexplainable object, but it's even more unusual for it to remain undefined for anything more than a week, said S. George Djorgovski, a California Institute of Technology astronomer who helped discover the object. "It's fairly uncommon to come upon something you don't have a clue about" he said yesterday. It certainly hasn't happened to me before, and I've been doing this for years"

Okay, anyone ever heard of this THING or know anything more about it. Enquiring minds want to know. PS..I checked the Press's web site for a link to this story, but couldn't find it there. -kritter

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), August 18, 1999


ABC news link

-- CD (not@here.com), August 18, 1999.

Dear krit:

The New York Times Science and Technology section has an extended piece you can access at the link below. Fascinating stuff.

http://www.nytimes.com/library/national/science/081799sci-mystery-star .html

Best regards,

-- William in Dallas (bcheek@onramp.net), August 18, 1999.

The Bible promises that a huge city (The New Jerusalem) will come down from Heaven and reside in the area of the current Jerusalem. The city will have both horizontal and vertical dimensions.

This event will occur at the end of a seven year period known as the "Tribulation". Many Bible students believe that this seven year period is about to begin.

It might be a good idea to develop a relationship with the King of this new city. His name is Jesus Christ.

-- A Watcher (cai2k@flash.net), August 18, 1999.

Thanks for the links. I find this fascinating.

However, I was slightly dissappointed that it's possibly some sort of Quasar. The article I read today didn't give any kind of description, so my over active imagination was thinking "Borg Cube" more than anything. Eh, it was fun while it lasted.

Watcher, bible students throughout the century thought the tribulation was about to occur. I prefer not to second guess it, but the world today certainly fits the bill for biblical "end times", doesn't it. This fascinates me as well.

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), August 18, 1999.

Object has been identified as Borg Cube!

SETI has decoded message: Resistance is Futile!

-- CD (not@here.com), August 18, 1999.

Wow, that looks a little buit like the Kabah (in Mecca).

-- Mara Wayne (MaraWAyne@aol.com), August 18, 1999.

LOL CD -- I KNEW IT! -- I KNEW IT WAS A BORG CUBE! -- Quasar my a**!

Note to self: Add PHASER to prep list.

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), August 18, 1999.

The link has been archived, does anyone have the info it contained? Thanks

-- ms tiG (mstig@cheerful.com), August 18, 1999.

Maybe it is what Paul Harvey was talking about today, 14 threads down about what that NASA person found...

-- Les (yoyo@tolate.com), August 18, 1999.

No, I think the guy Paul Harvey was reporting on was probably reacting to the stuff at the Millenium Group "repository" about Comet Lee. They have all sorts of ideas that conflict with NASA's officially released info. I have no way of knowing for certain but I do feel bad for the guy - either he is a nut or he knows something and the burden must be heavy - either way it sucks for him.

millenngroup.com/repository/repository.html (I think....)

Once again, I am only posting this as additional info - found it interesting but I have no idea of the validity of their claims - they certainly are not in line with what NASA's sites say about Comet Lee.

-- Kristi (securssysa@cs.com), August 18, 1999.

"Note to self: Add PHASER to prep list. "

Don't forget, you have to randomize the frequency due to their adapting;)

-- b (b@b.b), August 19, 1999.

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