Did anyone hear Paul Harvey today?

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I heard a snippit of Paul Harvey today where he was talking about a NASA scientist who calculated that the tail of comet lee would intersect with Earth next month. According to the story, he told his superiors at NASA who refused to believe him, so he quit and is now living in a cave in Minnesota(?) with survival supplies. Apparently the authorities are now forcing him to leave the cave. Does anyone know anything about the story or anything about the comet?

-- dookie (tlfrazier@ipass.net), August 18, 1999


I think his name is Barry Milne, brother of another end of the world prophet you may have heard of...

-- Y2K Pro (y2kpro1@hotmail.com), August 18, 1999.


Local news courtesy of:

The Daily & Sunday Jeffersonian

Posted 8/13/99

Noble lawmen find NASA official in cave

Kevin Macri

The Daily Jeffersonian

CALDWELL - Noble County Sheriff Landon T. Smith apprehended a Florida man Tuesday who was found living in a cave near Wolf Run State Park.

Smith said his office received a call last Sunday of a person in a car with Florida license plates who was behaving strangely. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle. Tuesday, a second call was received regarding a vehicle that matched the same description parked on a township road in the area of the park.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found the vehicle packed full of supplies, but could not locate the driver.

Smith had the vehicle transported to the Noble County Jail and began a search.

"We got to thinking that possibly something had happened to the driver. We went out to search the area and tracked a person through a field and wooded areas," he said. "We then found rope that led down embankments and ravines. When we got to the bottom of a second ravine we found him in a cave. He was trying to boil eggs. It was real smoky. In fact, some of the deputies didn't like it in his cave."

Smith said the man, Lloyd Albright, 47, of Satellite Beach, Fla., was cooperative, but because of his suspicious behavior, Smith placed him under arrest in order to remove him from the property.

According to Smith, Albright said he was hiding in the cave to avoid meteor showers which he said will hit the Atlantic Ocean and cause a 200- foot tidal wave, wreaking havoc on the East Coast and Florida.

Upon investigating Albright further, Smith found the man to be a computer programer for NASA.

In his vehicle, a late model Saturn, he found 16 weapons with ammunition, camping gear, dried food, blankets, clothing and 200 pounds of wheat.

"I spoke with his wife and she said he was concerned about the meteor shower. She said he wanted the rest of the family to join him but they declined his offer."

Smith said Albright said he learned about the cave by searching the Internet...

For the full story, pick up a copy of today's Jeffersonian.

-- Here's the Scoop (notmn@somewhere.com), August 18, 1999.

Y2K Pro You can be a real asshole sometimes but I have to admit, I got a real chuckle at the Barry Milne line. Thanks for finally doing something useful.

-- (rick@chuckle.com), August 18, 1999.

What? Not good.

-- ? (?@?.?), August 18, 1999.

This is off-topic, but the mention of Paul Harvey made me remember. When I was a kid (30+ years ago), Paul H. made two predictions, which for some reason, stuck with me. One, that we would someday have televisions which would be flat, and hang on the wall like a picture. And second, that it would be a good possibility that anyone who was alive to see the new millenium, would also live to see the next, as well. I always thought he meant the second prediction in a possitive way, but then again....

Pass me the tin foil, willya.

-- Lon Frank (lgal@exp.net), August 18, 1999.

Did you know there is no written transcripts of Paul Havery's show available anywhere. I wonder why.

-- Carol (glear@usa.net), August 18, 1999.

What state did he turn out to be in?

-- Diane (DDEsq2002@juno.com), August 18, 1999.

Diane, Not to be unkind, but perhaps a state of embarrassment? Seriously, Ohio. Here's more. (This story was just so weird I had to check it out)

Man found hiding from meteor in cave

Man found hiding from meteor in cave CALDWELL, Ohio (AP) -- A Kennedy Space Center computer programmer who thought the sky was falling stocked up on survival items and settled in a cave in southeast Ohio. Lloyd Albright, 47, of Florida, believed a meteor strike, from fragments of Comet Lee, was set to hit Earth, said Noble County Sheriff Landon Smith. "He very sincerely thought there was a meteor that was going to hit the Atlantic Ocean and cause a tidal wave 200 feet high," Smith said Tuesday. "He was trying to hide from this meteor. It was going to go up the coast, take Florida for sure and there would be water all over Georgia. The peach trees were going to be covered up." Sheriff's deputies found Albright -- along with camping equipment, dried food, ammunition and 16 guns -- Aug. 10 when they responded to a report of an unfamiliar car, Smith said. The guns were legal, but raised concerns that someone might be in danger, he said. Deputies searched woods near Albright's car, and after heading down two steep embankments found Albright in a cave 20 feet deep. "I thought that possibly he had fallen over one of the high cliffs and was injured, or worse. I was just pleased to see he was alive and well," Smith said. Albright, who thought the meteor was going to hit at 4 a.m. Aug. 11, had been in the cave since Aug. 8, sleeping on a cot, drinking water that dripped through the cave ceiling and keeping food cold in a pool of water, Smith said. "I thought it was kind of amazing that he was enough of a believer and had enough of a fear that he was willing to come north to get away from it," Smith said. "I found this to be a little strange. ... I don't shock very easy." Albright was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct, then released after posting bond following a night in the county jail, Smith said. Albright was escorted to the interstate and told to head home. "He was nothing but pleasant and easy to get along with," Smith said. Albright, who works on space shuttle data processing, said he was thankful for Smith's help. "Sheriff Smith did me a favor getting me out of there," Albright told The Columbus Dispatch in a story published Tuesday. Calls seeking further comment were met with a busy signal at a number listed in Albright's name in Satellite Beach, Fla. Albright told The Dispatch that the meteor strike could occur any time within nine years. NASA said the closest Comet Lee will come to Earth is 77 million miles by the end of September. AP-CS-08-18-99 0013EDT Out of here again. Busy day. :)

-- FM (vidprof@aol.com), August 18, 1999.

Lousy formatting from someone who is now and then "cut and paste challenged."



-- FM (vidprof@aol.com), August 18, 1999.

Caldwell sounds like a fun place to live: Celebration at Soakum is cause for cheers

At next weekend's event, Noble County Sheriff Landon Smith will demonstrate moonshine-making...

Now THOSE folks know how to prep!

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), August 18, 1999.

I'm sure that's what drew Albright to that particular cave. Do you think he's related to Madeline? Did they find her in there with him?

Madeline 'Moonshine' Mama :)

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), August 18, 1999.

What is it with people that spaz out and their obsession with guns.......

Picture this: 200 foot tidal wave destroying everything.......sure, if he really believed that there would be something left worth shooting at I could see him having a gun or two and lots of ammunition........but 16 GUNS.............Huh!!

I think it's relatively safe to say that anyone in a cave with 16 guns has an elevator that doesn't quite go to the top floor.

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), August 18, 1999.

Craig, I have to agree with you for a change....

Imagine that.


The Dog

-- Dog (Desert Dog@-sand.com), August 18, 1999.

Say guys,about meteors, check out this posting from two weeks ago; ( greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=001BgR ) Scroll down about 50 answers to one from a guy named " Dr Doom". Don't suppose Dr Doom could be Albright before he went totally nuts, huh. He is nuts, right? I mean, he is a NASA scientist but they can go crazy too , right?

-- fritz (uh@oh.com), August 18, 1999.

If you want to read something that will stun you,go to http://www.sightings.com.Use the thee search engine and put in Nostradamus,a page will come up with 10 articles.Please read #3 and #5.They are long articles but well worth the time to read.

The articles are on the comet,the 3rd secret of Fatima that was suppose to be revealed to the public in 1960 (but was not),Nostradamus 1999 quatrain of the "King of terror",etc.

It may answer alot of questions.I first read them last night and I was totally blown away.

I first heard about the comet and possible collison on earth from a pastor from central christian center in Joplin,Misssouri.He has a his church service on Channel 7 every Sunday Morning and rebroadcast Sunday Night.I think it's called something like strengthen my wings.About two weeks ago he was talking about a comet hidden behind the sun and was only discovered this April and the chance of major problems associated with it.Alot of what he said is the same as the web site I gave out at the beginng of this post about the comet The program on this subject was aired about two weeks ago

I don't know how to hot link,sorry.

-- maggie (aaa@aaa.com), August 18, 1999.

Sorry to tell you, although the guy's timing was off, he has a point. A large enough meteor in the Atlantic for sure could well wipe out the East Coast from tsunamis. And we don't really know what will happen with Comet Lee. It doesn't mean I'm going to hide in a cave, but this is data I add to my stockpile of information.

-- Mara Wayne (MaraWAyne@aol.com), August 18, 1999.


This story definitely qualifies as "news from the weird."

I kinda like "news from the weird," although I had only one experience actually covering it when--on July 4, 1988--I was assigned to cover the story of a big Florida Lotto winner. When our news helicopter landed at the north Florida convenience store where the ticket was purchased, the clerk told me on camera--straight faced--that the only unusual thing she noticed about the family that claimed the winning ticket was that the father said his recently-dead daughter gave him the winning numbers in a dream.


When I got back to the station to write the story, one of my colleagues suggested [only half-joking] that I alert a famous tabloid, also based in Florida [is there something about Florida? Taz? (Grin)] because I might be able to collect a "finder's fee."

I declined. Somehow I had a bad feeling about having my name associated with this type of reporting. :) [Funny though, I later read about this story in somebody's book. 'Can't remember whose.]

Anyway, IMHO, here is the deal with this gentleman--as far as I have researched it--which hasn't been very far.

The Perseid (sp?) meteor shower reached its peak on August 11 and 12, 1999. Apparently the meteors came from the tail of a comet. 'Don't remember which one. (An aside: Frankly I was dang mad with Northern Michigan weather, because I was in a perfect spot to see those little fireballs while on vacation and it was cloudy that night.)

So now, we apparently have some event associated with Comet Lee, that's supposed to happen in late September, and a group of scientists [or maybe alleged scientists, since I haven't yet found their bios] say Comet Lee's orbit is not predictable. They're not outright saying something big and nasty--like a meteor--this way comes, but it's clear from their writings they have some serious differences with NASA's projections of Comet Lee's travels.

So, put it all together, and maybe we see this man's motivation.

Then again, I always reserve the right to be wrong.


-- FM (vidprof@aol.com), August 18, 1999.

FYI, Maggie:

We cross-posted.

I think Comet Lee was discovered in April.

Mara, I seem to recall that you may be spot-on with regard to the impact a meteor landing in the Atlantic would have.

A large meteor striking the earth is not implausible. What raises eyebrows are "non-mainstream" predictions of when it will happen.

Whoops! Kind of like Y2k?

(Apologies. I'm feeling a little silly tonight)


-- FM (vidprof@aol.com), August 18, 1999.


After hearing of the possibility of an astoroid from the comet's tail hitting the atlantic ocean September 23rd or there abouts,

an article I read put out by the military web site makes me wonder if there is any connection.


Military units and orginizations will respond to y2k request for assistance during y2k transition period(1 September 1999 throough 31 march 2000)


link:http://www.defence.mil/specials/y2k/mission fcivil....

I would like your thoughts on this.

-- maggie (aaa@aaa.com), August 19, 1999.

I meant to say FM not FN.

-- maggie (aaa@aaa.com), August 19, 1999.

What? Only sixteen guns?

-- John Henry Lyons (shotgun12@att.net), August 19, 1999.


check this out people, looks like this is a mainstream publication...

Another day, another man hiding from meteor in cave Tuesday, August 17, 1999 By Mike Lafferty Dispatch Staff Reporter

CALDWELL, Ohio -- As odd behavior goes, Noble County Sheriff Landon T. Smith said finding a Kennedy Space Center computer programmer in a cave awaiting the destruction of Earth by a meteor last week was within local norms.

The encounter with Lloyd L. Albright, who fled Florida for the rural county 80 miles southeast of Columbus, didn't surprise Smith. He has seen plenty of unusual cases during his career.

In the latest case, residents near Wolf Run Lake reported seeing an unfamiliar car parked in the area north of Caldwell off I-77.

"This vehicle was completely loaded down with stuff. There was room for only one person. There were 16 guns -- rifles, shotguns, handguns of all makes -- and ammunition to go with all of them,'' Smith said. He also found camping equipment and a large quantity of dried food, including 200 pounds of wheat.

A NASA identification card found on the car's front seat belonged to Albright, a 47-year-old computer programmer from Satellite Beach, Fla. The space agency confirmed Albright's employment but said he worked at the center as the employee of a NASA contractor.

After hearing about the car and fearing Albright might have injured himself, Smith led deputies through trampled grass along a road and into heavy woods.

A rope tied to a tree led down the embankment, and another rope led down an even steeper embankment.

Albright was at the end of the second rope -- in a cave that went into the rock about 20 feet.

"He was lying there trying to cook an egg over a fire, but he wasn't having much luck,'' Smith said.

That's when Albright told Smith a giant meteor was to strike the earth at 4 p.m. last Wednesday. Despite Albright's credentials, Smith didn't believe him.

"He very sincerely thought there was a meteor that was going to come and hit the Atlantic Ocean and cause a tidal wave 200 feet high,'' Smith said.

"He was trying to hide from this meteor. It was going to go up the coast, take Florida for sure and there would be water all over Georgia. The peach trees were going to be covered up.''

The man took vacation for his trip and picked Ohio because he had visited once before. He determined it would be high enough above sea level to avoid becoming beach- front property.

He wanted his family to come along, Smith said, but they didn't want to leave Florida. He also said he had been under marital stress, Smith said.

Albright was sleeping on a cot, drinking water that dripped through the cave roof, and keeping food cold in a pool of water.

Smith arrested Albright under a charge of disorderly conduct.

"He was a danger to himself,'' the sheriff said, adding that he didn't file the paperwork.

A night in the new county jail and a meal gave Albright a new perspective on the future, Smith said. He released Albright, escorted him to nearby I-77 and pointed him toward Florida.

"He was real apologetic,'' Smith said.

"He was real sorry for causing all this trouble.''

Albright, back at the space center where he works on space shuttle data processing, said he is thankful for Smith.

"Sheriff Smith did me a favor getting me out of there,'' he said yesterday, adding that he would like to visit Ohio again with his family.

Albright said the meteor strike, from fragments of Comet Lee, could occur any time within nine years.

According to NASA's official Web page, the closest Comet Lee will come to earth is 77 million miles by the end of September.


I dunno...when NASA computer programmers start freaking out I get a little nervous... : )

"Houston, we have a problem!



-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), August 19, 1999.

This series of postings was highly entertaining, even if the problem of asteroid strikes is a real possibility. Several near-earth asteroids massive enough to cause wide-spread damage have been sighted in the last decade ONLY AFTER they'd passed near (closer to the earth than the moon ever gets), and were receding. Unfortunately, the number of professional observers who aresearching full-time for objects whose orbits cross ours "number less than the staff of a standard fast-food restaurant" (quote from a National Geographic video on the subject.) A major asteroid strike could happen without warning, destroying a city, or more likely landing mid-ocean and causing tsunami damage on coastlines thousands of miles away. But the likelihood is pretty darn small. What we should take from that is that it's a good idea to be prepared for disasters, generally. Living in earthquake territory, I've taken a Red Cross wilderness first aid course, and an earthquake preparedness course conducted by the city fire department. There's still time to take some of these courses this year, wherever you live. They can give you SPECIFIC information on how to prepare sensibly for a wide range of situations.

-- David March (marchfiddl@home.com), August 19, 1999.


With regard to the "transition period," I believe the September beginning was selected because of potential problems that some folks believe may occur as a result of the "9999" issue. If I'm wrong here, I'm sure someone will correct me. Likewise, there is much debate over the significance of the "dredged nines" issue.

Michael when I used the term "non-mainstream," I was referring to individuals rather than publications. This particular individual, for example, is apparently not associated with arm of NASA that tracks comets, despite the apparent fact he is a programmer. 'Hope that clears things up.

David, from what I've read on the subject (which hasn't been very much) you may indeed be correct with regard to "near earth object tracking," as in--there isn't much of it.

I remember discussing the issue a few years back with an egghead co-worker (a super Mensa type) who'd researched the issue extensively. As I recall, his observation was that it was an area of space research that hadn't received much attention, despite the large number of rocks whizzing by us. I think that is beginning to change.

You're right. This has been a fun thread. I'd still like to know, however, the source of this gentleman's observations. 'Wonder what he'd been reading?

I also hope he's able to keep his job.


-- FM (vidprof@aol.com), August 19, 1999.

Hey FM thanks for all the info!

-- Diane (DiR9290343@aol.com), August 19, 1999.

Earth passed through the tail of Halleys Comet in 1910. Prior to the event much was made of the cyanide detected by spectroscopy, Anti comet pills and gas masks were sold and many feared the event. Of course hitting a large solid chunk of comet would be a little different...

-- kozak (kozak@formerusaf.guv), August 19, 1999.

FM thanks for the reply.

-- maggie (aaa@aaa.com), August 19, 1999.

Smith arrested Albright under a charge of disorderly conduct.

I tell ya, we're living in a freakin' police state.

What did the guy do wrong??? Nada.

And he gets arrested, for freakin' what???

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), August 20, 1999.

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