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I've dreamed about journalers before, sometimes even when I don't know what they look like. And occasionally readers I've never met send me stories about dreams involving me, Jeremy, and the cats.

Has it ever happened to you?

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999


No, I never dream about online journalers, especially if I do know what they look like. :)

I used to have dreams about forum discussions though, but that was about 5 years ago, during the height of my addiction to Csi forums.

No more dreams like that, thank goodness.

Last night, no dreams at all that I can remember - I barely slept, which is usually how it is for me on nights after we have an earthquake.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

I dream of Pamie. I dreamt that I was with her when she wanted to do an MC Hammer dance around a Chunky Puddle! and the two of us do it and fall laughing into the puddle. Ewwww.

I dreamt you were representing me in a trial once. I think we were prosecuting the thief that stole the ripe tomatoes out of my garden, and you were all fire and fury that someone could do something so cruel...

I know, you'd be the one defending the thief, but dreams aren't always right.

What else? I dream of Mary Anne, too, but I've known her in Real Life, so it's not so odd. I had a series of dreams (months and months ago now) about imaginary journal entries that she and I wrote (responding to one another in our journals) which was terribly interesting. It was one of those dreams where I had to get online and make sure it hadn't actually happened. I'm so glad it didn't.

No reader has yet sent me a dream involving me or the people I mention in my journal. I don't know whether to be relieved or disappointed.


-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

Actually I did dream once that I was at a party and someone pointed out nobody-knows-anything Diane out to me. In the dream I was thinking ah, so that's what she looks like, but didn't have any desire to go over and actually introduce myself. Just like my relationship with her in journal-space, I guess, though I do know what she looks like since she's posted pictures.

I'm on the Well, an online discussion kind of thing, and I have dreams about it a lot. Some of them the "I've got to post this on the WWell - they won't believe it!" genre. Others are those kind of interesting dreams that combine reality and god knows what, like I'm driving somewhere and then I click to go to the gardening conference and talk to so-and-so there, etc.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

Oh, yes! I've dreamt of journalers, in a bizarre pastiche-like dream that combined entries from various journals into a very weird dream experience. There was Kymm, and Patrick Cleary, and Pamie, and Lynda B., and... who else? I can't remember, exactly, since it was a couple of months ago, but it was *very* strange.

That's when it finally hit me that I read WAY too many journals.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

Jennifer Wade of "Sands Through the Hourglass" talked about having a dream about another journaler a few years ago. I thought it was silly to have dreamt about someone you had never met. Not long after that I found myself in a dream with none other than Jennifer Wade. I was going to have sex with her in the back of a car dealership but I thought there were too many of my coworkers around, especially since I had never even met her in real life.

I mentioned this dilemma to Jennifer and she asked me why I didn't just go for it anyway since after all it was just a dream and you can do anything in a dream. I guess the back of a car dealership didn't have enough dream-like quality.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

I've dreamt about meeting folks and how well/not well it would go. I also dream in the Web -- i.e. my brain spontanteously inents websites that are fully navigable to other sites on the Web that already exist.

The scary part is getting online the next day and FINDING some of these places.

One of the worst nightmares I've had in recent memory was of HTML tag "bugs" coming to get me. I literally woke up twitching and had to turn on the light to check the covers to make sure there were no leftover tags swimming around in my sheets.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

I dreamt one time I met Jim Valvis and he wasn't me.

Does that count?

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

I haven't dreamed of other journalers, but I have had a dream like yours where I thought, "I've got to put that in the journal". The really, really sad part was that what I thought I needed to share was that I had looked out the window and the house next door was now red, ot yellow...kinda pitiful.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1999

I used to dream about Sage of "Coffee Shakes" a lot.

I've had psychic dreams about Willa.

I know both Tracing and Beth here have had dreams about me.

Is it stranger to dream or be dreamt of?

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1999

I had a dream that Ricki Lake did a show about online journals, and so I went on, with some people that I never heard of. And apparently they had never heard of me either, because they were like yelling at me going, "what are you doing here, nobody's ever heard of your journal!" then ricki was asking me about why I would do such a thing, and I panicked, realizing I was on national tv saying all this stuff.

I woke up thinking, I'm afraid to go on Ricki Lake, but I put my stuff online for the world to see? What is wrong with this dream? stasi (in case you want to put me on TV)

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1999

I have lots of vivid dreams populated by persons known, unknown, and made-up, and while I positively can't remember dreaming about any journal before this, about a month ago I had a dream about a threesome with me and Karawynn and either Stacey (her recent sweetie) or Halsted (of Tandem) or Ann (of Jellyfish Absolution)--I knew it was someone important to Karawynn though very little known to me (not that I know Karawynn either). That was pretty funny.

-- Anonymous, August 20, 1999

Right before my wedding, I dreamed that my fiance ran out just before the ceremony, and just so I wouldn't feel bad, Kim Rollins stepped up and agreed to marry me instead. Now that we're having a baby, I suppose Dream Kim is going to have to volunteer to be a surrogate mother...

-- Anonymous, August 21, 1999

Am I destined to be mentioned in every Xeney forum? I just came from the fashion section...

As if in psychic response to the dreams-of-online-journalers question, a couple of nights ago I dreamed about Scott Anderson. He had written this long entry explaining that the reason his updates had been so sporadic lately was not because he was preparing to move to Germany but because he had been frequently cheating on Annette with some hot babe; he went into extremely graphic detail about his erotic contortions with this little homewrecker. After reading this, I went to a party, and Scott was there [this was just a subplot in another dream, by-the-way; my dreams always have subplots, comic relief, special effects, stunt doubles...] and I started telling him what an idiot he was for talking about his hitherto secret affair in a journal that he was writing under his real name. The other attendees at the party and I agreed that we needed to tell Annette what was going on, but Scott pointed out that Annette didn't have the same last name as he and we had no means of tracking her down. He laughed evilly as he did so. We had been foiled.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 1999

Yes, I have dreamd about other journallers, but only when I know what they look like. Mostly after I've met them, so after the NYC journallers reading, I had a very vivid dream involving everyone from the reading. None of which I can remember, I just remember them being in various situations, not related to the readings, more related to my life and work.

As far as I know no-one has dreamt about me, not that I recall them talking about anyway!

-- Anonymous, August 22, 1999

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