Eye on Y2k (on KCBS Newsradio)

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While driving this afternoon, with the radio on KCBS (SF Bay Area), I heard a new "feature": "Eye on Y2K"

The guest 'expert'(some connection to UC Santa Cruz)recommended storing food, water, batteries, etc in view of potential failures of power, city services, food supplies...

A one-or-two minute bit, but suprising to hear on a station like KCBS (which actually uses CNN as their news source). Sounded like it will be a regular feature now... and it wasn't pollyish in tone at all.

-- (couldn't.believe@my.ears), August 18, 1999


The 'Eye on Y2K' segment has been featured on CBS radio affiliates for most of this year. I suspect that some are just now running these spots and yes, they are not 'polly' in content.

-- For (your@info.com), August 18, 1999.

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