i live in san francisco. i swim in the bay, regularly. i love to eat grains 'n greens 'n beans.

i think "greenspun" made some alright software for people to use, to intercommunicate, so i put up this space for all kinds of things to take place.

check it out.

it's "threaded discussion" like Usenet or a mailing list, but it starts on the web.

the threads are called "questions."

this question is called "introductions" to introduce the space to you, and for us to introduce ourselves to each other.

please contribute your own thanks.

oh and people who want to know more about me can visit my public personal home pages 24x7.

one love.

-- Gary Gach (, August 17, 1999


subject: about ingrid

i lived in berkeley for 5 years because of school. now i live in inglewood. am looking to become part of the financial world because i like the number crunching. besides that, i like making webpages, the simpsons and nintendo.

if you go to, you'll find very interesting stories, articles, fiction and poems from students all over. they should give you different perspectives on different issues. let me know what you think by posting at this site: a.tcl?topic=VINESTALK

-- ingrid orellana (, August 30, 1999.

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