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I'm canning peaches this seems to take forever. BUT, I'm doing it gladly because I got a great deal (for here anyway) on the peaches. Found a place where you can pick your own for $10.00 a bushel. Yah, I know, that's a lot, (remember when they were $5.00?!), but it beats the $20.00 a bushel that seems to be the average around here. Most of our local farmers look in the local paper, see what the other guy is charging, and charge the same.

So, my question is: How much are YOU paying for peaches, and what part of the country are you in? I'm in Michigan.


-- peaches (, August 17, 1999


Hey, that's a peachy price. Here in central Oklahoma, the price is over the $20 per bushel. I've been cutting costs some, though, by buying 'seconds'-peaches that are a little bruised or scarred. Those sell cheaper than the firsts. Unfortunately, I haven't found a place that will let me pick for myself.

-- newbiebutnodummy (, August 17, 1999.

The peaches that are on my fruit trees are ready for picking! They taste great!! Wish I could send you all some....

I'm in NW Arkansas.

-- Jack (, August 17, 1999.

Ditto ,from nw fla.

-- Daryll (, August 17, 1999.

Hi peaches!

Here in Northeast Ga.(Peach State), we've been paying $10.00 a bushel for Ga. Belles. Been canning for the past month, mostly green beans and other fruits. With the 12 cases of store bought can peaches along with 100 quarts of home-canned peaches, we may grow to hate em, but I don't think so. Peaches are a southern tradition around these parts.

Keep on canning!

-- Ex-Marine (Digging, August 18, 1999.

We're in western Wisconsin, and go in with some Amish that we know and paid $20 a bushel this year- the most ever. They hire a truck and drive to Michigan to get just-picked peaches. They said that in some parts of Michigan they were told (when calling orchards for prices) that the crop was very poor in some areas and someplaces they would have had to pay over $20 at the orchard. (our $20 a bushel price included the trucking and other expenses). In past years we have paid as little as $6 and as much as $16 a bushel. Boy, are they good! Sure wish we could count on growing them here, but we're at the cold edge of zone 4- but I have some trees growing anyway.

-- Jim (, August 18, 1999.


Just finished canning them. We pay a premium price to get good Hale Haven and Red Haven Peaches. We can't really grow peaches in Zone 4. 20/bu would be reasonable but we paid less.


-- Z1X4Y7 (, August 21, 1999.

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