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i downloaded the trial version of avi_io, but the files it produces are corrupt, after 2gig., any less and they seem to work fine, could any one tell me exactly how to use the program, or anyother ways around the 2gb. limit

-- evan (evan@cdyoung.com), August 17, 1999


The 2 gigs. limit is a courtesy of microsoft, windows won't allow any file bigger than that to exist, nowadays most capture software packages cope whit this problem by splitting the file in 2 gigs. parts and numbering them, but some times, in slower machines, this leads to a brief gap inbetween files.

-- Alex (fatkatz@hotmail.com), August 19, 1999.


I have been using AV_IO for some months now (5 years total experience in NLE) and you may find the 2G is a limitation of the trial version because it will go as high as 4G but most programs such as adobe premiere and the like will not process bigger than 2G files (microsoft limitation) so there is no point in going larger - indeed much smaller files are an advantage.

It is an excellent program which allows for example the capture of up to 100 files without dropping a frame between each file. You can stop start the capture and do the equivalent of on line editing as well. You can also use it like a vcr to capture broadcast programs whilst your out. I have used AV_IO to capture up to 52 minutes of video at a session using a data rate of just under 3M/s (9000M total) on a 10G drive in a continuous stream made up of 52 one minute segments, loaded the lot into premiere edited what ever segment needed adjusting and then played the lot to video tape or rendered it to a videocd format for encoding in LSX and burning with winoncd.

Oh yes AV_IO works very well, indeed it has the capability to lock the sound and vision so that lip sync is achieved at the end of long captures the length of which are only related to your total hdd capacity!

-- Ross McLennan (rmclennan@esc.net.au), August 19, 1999.

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