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While the percentage of top has worked okay, I see room for one more improvement, smoothing out of the playing surface. A mimimum score for 2nd and 3rd of a game. When we only went three places, we did a 10-3-1 set. I would then propose the following: 1st - 100pts 2nd - Current percentage set, not lower than 30pts. (30pts minimum score given) 3rd - Current percentage set, not lower than 10pts. (10pts minimum score given) Let me know what all you think about it.

-- Chris Parsley (, August 16, 1999


I think the simple answer is:

1st place gets 100 points.

Everyone else gets their percentage of 1st place regardless of position, no bonus for 1st place, nada, zip....etc

ie: Your score is the percentage of first place period !!!


-- beejay (, August 17, 1999.

I have to agree with BeeJay...the bonus thing is's not fair to penalize a player 15 points just because he scored 10 game points fewer than 1st...(I'm using Blasto as an example, there is an 8,910 score with 84 or 85 points and an 8,920 score with 100 points...I think both deserve 100.) Let's do'd be a lot better...and I bet Zwaxy will support it, he moves up 5 places that way...LOL

-- Sports Dude (, August 17, 1999.

I'm not too sure... cause I'd wind up with Chris on this one - I think we should keep the bonus and all, but maybe it should be less - maybe 10 percent instead of 15.

I also support the minimum points for second and third - we should also have a minimum for fourth and fifth - 3 and 1 points respectively...(fifth COULD get zero...)

Well there's my opinion on things...

-- Gameboy9 (, August 17, 1999.

My suggestion isn't for how much of a 100 that 2nd and 3rd get, mine is for minimum support. As it stands now, if someone totally blows a game out, nobody else records for that game, because they can't make a high enough score to even get a couple of points. There were set minimums for 2nd and 3rd when we were doing medal points, I just think we could benefit greatly from bringing those minimums back.

-- Chris Parsley (, August 17, 1999.

Well, this field is awfully split... I happen to agree with Gameboy...first place is first and deserves to be acknowledged as much, seeing as how medal points don't do anything for your standing. But the current bonus is too much. A 10% bonus would be much more reasonable.

-- Q.T.Quazar (, August 17, 1999.

Man, I opened a can of worms on the opposite side than I was trying to deal with. The bonus should still stay in tact, if not increased. You should have an incentive for topping the first place score, and not just for snuggling close by and still getting next to 100pts...

-- Chris Parsley (, August 17, 1999.

I'll have to agree with Mr. Broccoli (er i mean Parsley :) but perhaps for another reason. The percentage idea is an excellent idea for drawing newcomers in that it lets people who aren't familiar with a game upload a score and still get some deserved points for it. However, we are seen tons of uploads that not many will ever want to playback because the scores are so low.

The 10-3-1 system sort of cut the cream off the crop. And on the otherhand drawing many new comers to upload whatever score they can muster has the advantage of some of the newcomers learning more about a game and eventually bettering their score to a superior level, but this would be a rarity. Since even in a 10-3-1 system new comers can develop on their own and eventually strive to get a 3rd place or higher score. I definitley approve of a quality verses quantity scoring system which Mr. Parsley proposes.

-- Chad (, August 17, 1999.

Nothing more to add than that I am against any special bonus scoring, the percentage scoring like it is right now is good.

-- rough (, August 17, 1999.

I find it interesting that on the one hand people want to acknowledge first place with a bonus on games. But if you can "blow a game out" you wont get maximum profit from this game because 2nd and 3rd score no matter how far below your score it is will still get minimum points.

I still firmly believe your score is your score and the only true comparison of how well you do in relation to someone else is what percentage of their score you obtain. I also don't believe that once we have more competition and points are harder to come by that people won't try for that extra couple of points on a game just to improve their leaderboard standing. Of course I'm thinking way out in the future here when Mame stops adding new games at such a phenomenal rate. ;-)


-- BeeJay (, August 17, 1999.

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