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We aren't smokers but there are a lot of people out there that may miss their habit. We have started to buy loose tobacco - roll your own. They come complete with papers and tobacco in cans - around $11.00 200 cigs - Tops brand) or smaller packages (Top and Bugler) that I just purchased for $1.75 per pack - same equivalent to a regular pack of 20. Here where we live in Alaska, a regular pack of cigs is $4.50. I can't afford to stock pile any of that - also don't see how some people can afford to smoke anyway, but they have a habit that they will need to support no matter what.

I wonder to what extent people will go to have a smoke? How long will they work for a cig or what will I be able to barter for them to satisfy their cravings? Time will tell.


-- Penda Zone (, August 16, 1999


Sounds like your gonna be a drug dealer. Extorting addiction for personal gain you ought to be ashamed!

-- Its all the same (heroin crack, August 16, 1999.

Since cigs went way up in CA I've been buying mine over the net @ for $21.60 a carton, plus $1.50 shipping, no complaints here, been stocking up for over a year. Dr. Dean Edell on the radio said men w/kill for a smoke, I hear they still smuggle anything and everything in jails etc., I don't drink, but I stocked up on beer until my sister clued me in that beer doesn't store very long, but hay I figured one look at a Bud will melt any man's heart.

-- Judy (, August 16, 1999.

Penda, be careful what you plan to use for barter, folks may get crazy for thier drug of choice and may not want to trade but rather take!

-- Bob (, August 16, 1999.


There is a much more cheaper way to secure "barter" tobacco. Raise it! Check out the web with oyur search engine.

The particular URL that I am thinking of, sells many many different vareties for 2.20 for a pack of seeds. For about thirty dollars, you can set yourself up with a growing kit and extra seed packs...It seems that different types of tobacco will grow all the way up into Canada. And the kit tells you how to cure, and make cigars etc.


-- Shakey (in_a_bunker@forty.feet), August 17, 1999.

Re roll-yer-own: I've sent some to my Dad and he says it's VERY strong. Apparently, it's mixed with Turkish, or tastes like it. (Am I a pusher? He's 82 years old--you think he's going to quit?) You might be able to find loose filters at a specialty tobacco store. BTW, if you live near NC, you'll find Dorals are around $14/carton when they have a promotional sale (often), $16 when they don't. (There are laws against taking more than a certain amount out of state--believe it's called bootlegging. . .)

Tobacco grows well in places like N. Carolina and Virginia. You need a wet spring followed by a hot, droughty summer. (Just what we had this year and the tobacco crop is thriving.) But bear in mind that tobacco is vulnerable to all manner of viruses and fungi. In addition, if you grow it anywhere near a tobacco relative (like tomatoes or ornamental flowering tobacco), you can swap viruses, fungi and pests and ruin both crops. It's worth a shot to grow your own tobacco (as it is to grow your own hops for beer) but don't rely on it as a source for a smoke.

Amd please knock it off if you don't like smokers and their smoke. I smoked for 35 years and it almost killed me to quit. I STILL want a smoke and I quit over five years ago. I don't like diners in restaurants who eat gobs of fatty food with their mouths open, but I just move to where it doesn't bother me and keep my own mouth shut.

Which reminds me--Sweetie, The Hungarian and I always ask for the smoking section in a restaurant because we rarely find uncontrollable, squealing children in that section. Nothing can ruin a good meal faster than a whiny, loud, misbehaving child. So boil me in oil.

-- Old Git (, August 17, 1999.

Hear, hear, Old Git. I quit smoking last Oct. 1, but I refuse to become one of those anti-smoking Nazis. As John D. MacDonald once wrote, there's no stench like that of a reformed sinner.

It's been my experience that those who enjoy a smoke and a drink often make better company than their refraining brethren. And ditto on the brat thing.

-- Vic (, August 17, 1999.

Thanks Old Git! Good info, however I live in Alaska - Southeast where the winters are not sub zero. However, our springs are wet, but so are our summers. This year has been very wet. July gave us a bit of sun, but not enough to even get my tomatoes to blossom. I did buy the tobacco seed though and was thinking of trying them in greenhouse conditions.

During our move from the east coast to Alaska, we stopped somewhere in Montana or Wyoming and bought a few cartons. It was the cheapest I had seen anywhere. $14.00 for top brands. Wish I would have bought more but now we are trying the roll-yer-own approach. I'll take my chances that my neighbors aren't going to shoot me first just to get a smoke.

Yeh, I guess I would be considered a pusher, but then again, if I owned a coffee shop, well, same thing!

Not ashamed in the least, Penda

-- Penda Zone (, August 17, 1999.

I don't recall seeing anyone talk about stockpiling cigs - probably because smokers are so politically incorrect now we're ashamed to? Well, I'm not. But I'm no fool either.

At today's pricegouges, not many can afford to store cigs for very long- certainly not when other things are far more important. I've been a smoker 3 times and a non-smoker 3 times - Jan. 1 or shortly thereafter I'll be a non again. Yes, lousy timing. But I refuse to count cigarettes among my preps. Figure I'll have a lot of nervous energy for a while that may come in handy.

The point I wanted to make - yes, there was one - is that people who store tobacco for barter should be non-smokers. If they are not, they will use it themselves and not have it to trade for anything, same as I would. Smokers such as myself who store tobacco should be honest with themselves - it's not for barter.

Does anyone remember the movie "Soylent Green" - when Charleton Heston was offered a cigarette and said if he had the money, he would have "one.....two.." of those every day? That sure sticks in my mind.

Heads up. Store no cigs. Store a box of Nicorette gum. Yicckk. That'll cure us.

-- Scat (, August 17, 1999.

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