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outlining one of our favorite theories:


-- Glober (globe-ular@bigfoot.com), August 16, 1999


Note, this is for "Civilian Inmate Labor Program" as opposed to a program specifically for a "Military Inmate". This leads me to believe that because it was written in 1994 when bases were being closed this memo was in line with making old bases "Civilian Inmate Prison Camps."

IMHO, this memo doesn't outline a plan to force regular civilians into camps but rather a plan to place "civilian inmates" (as in civilians currently serving time) into labor camps which are on what was military property.



-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), August 16, 1999.

1. Having staffed hundreds of such actions at MACOM headquarters myself, it looks authentic.

2. IT IS NOT SOME Y2K CONSPIRACY. It is normal bureaucracy.

3. Civilians are interred on military installations all the time. Remember Haitians, Cuban boatlift, etc.

4. The military bureaucracy churns put policy as guidance on things like this all the time. You can go to any Army post Reg Library and look up the regulations. There are secrets in the world, but this isn't one of them.


-- noel (ngoyette@csc.com), August 16, 1999.

This is just a newer version of the documents used for an old program. At military bases with a minimum security federal prison nearby, the inmates are put to work on base doing routine clean-up and lawn care jobs. This gives the inmates something to do and relieves the military personnel from having to go out and perform that work as detail assignment.

A down side is that military manning is cut on that base by maybe five percent. The Pentagon considers that much of the asigned force to be tied-up in non-combat support roles like lawn care, and adds personnel to unit rosters just to have the bodies there for detail work. When federal prison labor is available that overhead manpower is allocated to someplace else, or as in recent years the manpower slots just erased from the books.


-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), August 16, 1999.

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