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Tooele is an US Army chemical weapons storage, disposal, and testing site: Dugway Proving Grounds (which appears to be in much better compliance) is further away from Salt Lake City (Colorado - I think), and does essentially the same thing.


Report Suggests Tooele Facility Isn't Y2K Ready

from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Officials at the Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility insist the plant is Y2K-compliant, even though they have said that before only to reveal incomplete testing. Last summer, officials at the chemical weapons incinerator assured the Army that equipment and operations would not be affected by the bug expected to strike computers at the start of the year 2000. But that wasn't true. In fact, officials had not completed assessments of potential problems, much less finished fixing them, according to the Defense Department Inspector General's Office. A report released in February by the inspector general and acquired by the Deseret News through the Freedom of Information Act said that means the facility could be many months behind in tackling Y2K problems. After the initial false reports, the Army now requires biweekly updates about plant Y2K efforts. Officials say systems are either Y2K compliant or operations won't be affected by glitches. "Presently, we've declared we are Y2K ready," said Tim Thomas, the Army's project manager for Tooele. He also said some contingency plans are being rewritten, including procedures for shutting down the plant in an emergency. The plant indicated in reports last June and August that its systems were "Y2K compliant and required no action." But auditors sent to Tooele in October by the Department of Defense concluded the plant "did not accurately report the status of two of three mission-critical systems" and was still assessing them. "They had not identified the [main system's] hardware and software inventory and whether it was Y2K compliant," auditors wrote. "Because of the ongoing assessment, the monthly and quarterly reports should have indicated that the Y2K compliance status was unknown and the system was still in the assessment phase." At the end of the year, the inspector general said the fudged reports put the plant considerably behind Y2K conversion schedules outlined by the Army and Department of Defense. "A timely assessment of the Tooele facility and preparation of required Y2K documentation by the project manager could have resulted in making the systems compliant on time or ahead of the . . . schedules," the report read.

It also said the Army Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization never visited Tooele to verify the initial report. That management, based at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, also misrepresented compliance at another chemical weapons destruction plant at Johnston Atoll in the Pacific, according to the report.

In contrast, Dugway Proving Ground has done a good job and is on schedule assessing potential Y2K problems, fixing them and testing results, according to the report. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ) Copyright 1999, The Salt Lake Tribune

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, August 16, 1999


Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies and more outrageous lies, lies before getting caught, during, and after getting caught, contagion of lies, lies so much that they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them hard on the arse and hung on biting deeper like a pit bulldog gila monster. .mil .gov .biz .system lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie.

The results of the lies will not all be cover-up-able. Many will die die die die die die die because of the lies lies lies lies lies.

Can anybody see this pattern?

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, August 16, 1999.

Clear as a bell, A & L, clear as a bell. And it's everywhere and at all levels. Even the SSA is not really ready yet, even after 8+ years of working on it. Only a true Polly can say "No Problemo".

-- Gordon (, August 16, 1999.

The LYING and BLAME SHIFTING on the part of governments and corporations will be astronomical.

The question is will they be successful???


-- Ray (, August 16, 1999.


Carefull, some out there might don you with a tinfoil hat. I think they might be on short supply by now. Soon the only one's out there without hat's will be them. Buy Reynolds stock!!!

-- CygnusXI (, August 16, 1999.

Tooele is west (35-45 mi) of SLC off of I-80 (generally upwind). Dugway is a huge proving ground further west and south, I believe.

-- Pinkrock (, August 16, 1999.

Dugway Proving Grounds is not in Colorado, but is in Utah; as the crow flies, Tooele Army Depot is about 25 miles West from downtown SLC, Dugway is about 50 miles Southwest; both are too close...

-- Perry Arnett (, August 16, 1999.

It's fashionable and totally acceptable to lie nowadays. There's glory, honor, and even compassion from others when you lie. Everyone lies and every lie you tell and get away with it, the easier it becomes to lie even more. Besides, it's easier to lie than to tell the truth, because the truth is usually painful. No one likes pain so a lie is better than pain. Telling the truth can destroy you in so many ways.

-- this is no lie (, August 16, 1999.

But but... the polly's said that it would be doom and gloom to talk negative about y2k. It just has to be ok. The computers have to work because I want them to. It just has to be only a "people problem." I trust the polly's don't you?

I would have loved to talk to my computer programs and state the following: "There are no y2k issues. I don't have to fix my code. It's doom and gloom to think this way. It's only a people problem The code will not break."

-- Larry (, August 16, 1999.

And I was living in SLC many years ago when Dugway Proving grounds irradiated all the sheep on pasture between Tooele and Dugway. And then denied it for years! I don't trust ANY military installations. You cannot believe the nerve gas leaking up in Oregon at Umatilla on the Columbia River east of the Cascades.


-- Taz (, August 17, 1999.

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