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Report: Only 2 States Y2k Ready


-- FM (, August 16, 1999


This is from Wisconsin:

******* Wisconsin in great shape for dealing with Y2K computer glitch, official says Statewire

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Wisconsin is in great shape for dealing with so- called Y2K computer problem, and the only possible glitch is the possibility of panic, the head of the governor' s Blue Ribbon Commission on Year 2000 Preparedness says.

" I am absolutely and completely satisfied" with readiness throughout the state, said Larry Schnack, retired chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and chairman of the 15-member commission.

" The major concern is people' s behavior. People panic is still possible."

What residents should do, Schnack said, is prepare as if a storm was coming.

" The Y2K bug is real, and a year ago, I feared massive disaster, " Schnack said. " But the people in Wisconsin have worked very diligently and very hard to offset possible downsides."


Now from our on the scene reporter, Jon Johnson:

"These people are full of shit. I'm not saying Wi is worse off than the rest of the country, but thy're no better either. And as for "... people in Wiscon sin have worked very dilegently...", give me a break! To a university prof in WI, working dilegently means reading a 1 page report over lunch and passing it on to the media as your own." 99% of the people are clueless."

"Schnack says 'The only possible glitch is peoples panic'. Doesn't that say it all? Thats the ONLY POSSIBLE glitch? Then why prepare for 'the storm' (gee, have I ever heard that before?). Why open an 'emergency center'?"

"I lastly refer to my first statement."

-- Jon Johnson (, August 16, 1999.

We wouldn't have a "people problem" if y2k were fixed would we? When the computers aren't fixed, people should be concerned, but they aren't. They have faith. Overblown optimism, Superman to the rescue, John Wayne saves the day again attitudes are typical of the American thinking.

-- Larry (, August 16, 1999.

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