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My understanding is that View Camera magazine has published some excellent articles in the past. Which of these has you found to be the most useful and why?

-- Chris Hawkins (peace@clover.net), August 15, 1999


The entire Jan/Feb 98 issue. It has articles on older lenses; an interview with Ron Wisner and Roger Hicks, Patrick Alt's opinions on older lenses for the larger formats, an interview with Kenro Izu, a profile of Nicholas Nixon, a review of the Wisner Convertible Plasmat sets, an article profiling George Hurrell and his working methods.....

Another favorite is the March/April '95 issue. It came out while I was shopping for another 8 X 10 and had info on older models in an article by Patrick Alt, a history/bio of Ansel Adams' assistants (not all of 'em) a sort of celebration of Morley Baer and his workshops/teaching with good, philosophical/outlook type advice an an article about musician/photographers

It's hard to narrow it down beyond those two as there have been good articles through the years on a variety of subjects, some practical/technical and others more metaphysical. I think I started my subscription in 92 or 93 and have ordered most of the back issues as well. The magazine has changed over the years, and I'm not sure what it'll be like in another 365 days, but I like where it's been....

Michael A. Smith has articles he published on his homepage www.michaelandpaula.com and I think I will soon subscripe to Lenswork Quarterly which is also on line www.lenswork.com

-- Sean yates (yatescats@yahoo.com), August 16, 1999.

Chris, the current (july/august 99) issue has an index of articles. Usually I find something really interesting in each issue but some are better than others. I liked recent articles on Abelardo Morrell, Nicholas Nixon, Michael Kenna, Mary Ellen Mark, PMK developer, Norman McGrath, reviews of new lenses, etc.

-- Ellis Vener (evphoto@insync.net), August 16, 1999.

Among the many excellent articles, I particularly enjoyed the recent feature on Jack Dykinga - interesting comments from the photographer (particularly on the need for solitude), and superb photographs.

-- fw (finneganswake@altavista.net), August 16, 1999.

I'm especially interested in alternative processes, so any article on Pl/Pd printing, collodion (ambrotype) emulsion, pyro, etc. is a bonus. I also enjoy any contribution by a writer (Wisner, Alt, etc) who enjoys using "classical" or vintage techniques.

-- Chad Jarvis (cjarvis@nas.edu), August 16, 1999.

personally I like to drool over the new lens tests! not very useful but I can dream can't I?

-- trib (linhof6@hotmail.com), August 16, 1999.

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