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What music is occupying your life right now?

Myself, Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" (with a boring plain white cover), Portishead and my new mix tape, "You're Pretentious And Abrasive And Only Want Attention".

-- Anonymous, August 15, 1999


sam i want that tape. you know i do. (hehe i love writing here. i feel so pamie.)

i am currently in love with: belle & sebastian. if you'r efeeling sinister is such an..appropriate album. i can chill to it. i can cry to it. i can make out to it. i can sing to it. it suits my moods.

sam, whatever happened to that journaling column you used to do?

-- Anonymous, August 17, 1999

argh, i lose track of all these journalers. you know, i can't stomach a lot of those famous journals. the only popular ones i like are puce and pamie. that's it. i've never read the mighty kymm in my life and definitely don't have a desire to. anyone who is THAT into journalling (doesn't she run open pages??) is pretty..sick.

i talked to this lady at sarah lawrence about having an online journal. it's funny, every time that comes up in an interview (every single one people ask me if i write) people perk right up. hmm. :)

-- Anonymous, August 28, 1999

i tried to read one of those famous journals the other day, but then i vomited and my vision started blurring and i realized i was having an allergic reaction to being fed shit.

-- Anonymous, September 04, 1999

You'll get it soon, hun. I just have to buy more tapes.

What, Launch? I stopped doing that a while ago; it was just too much work. I got SWAMPED with journal submissions. And most of them sucked! The chick who does is doing the column now.

-- Anonymous, August 19, 1999

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