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I'm considering buying this lens in order to replace an old graflex optar 150 4,7 in one of my cameras. It is a big piece of glass a friend of mine is ofering for a very good price. I never used a lens so luminous and I cannot figure out what is it specific aplication. It has a Linhoff compur. Any clue about it?

-- Jose Luiz Vasconcellos (, August 15, 1999


It's a nice lens, but it's a press camera lens so doesn't cover much more than 4x5, thus limiting movements. Assuming not much rise, fall or shifts intended, I'd buy it if the price is reasonable. Be careful to check for separation; that's a common problem in older lenses and can't reasonably be repaired.

-- John Hicks / John's Camera Shop (, August 15, 1999.

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