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have 35mm kodachrome slides.want to make 8x10 b/w negative to produce platinum or zia prints. recommend possible films and developers suited

-- c white (, August 15, 1999


Ortho film developed in dilute dektol will work. Not the same as shooting an original big negative.

-- Gary (, October 01, 1999.

Black and White Negatives from Color Transparancies

Choose a sharp slide that is normally exposed. A slightlu dar slide will also work but an ocer exposed or light slide will not work as the highlights lack printable detail.

1. Place transparancy in negative carrier of enlarger with emulsion up. Mask off any unused portion of the negative carrier image to reduce stray light. Stray light reduces image contrast.

2. a.)Tri-X Pan Professional sheet film with HC-110 diluted 1:9 @ 68F for 5 minutes.

b.)T-max 100 sheet film; CAUTION; this film builds up contrast very easily but is still an excellent choice because of the long straight line portion of the H&D curve. Development time is critical as the highlights will tend to have too much contrast to print well.

You can also use Tri-X Pan Professional sheet film with HC-110 diluted 1:9 @ 68F for 5 minutes.

Developer - A. D-23, develop for 7 minutes @ 68F in bath (A) and 3 minutes in bath (B).

B. Rodinal, 1:75 dilution @ 68F for 10 minutes.

C. HC-110, 1:14 dilution @ 68F for 9 minutes.

3. Exposure times can be determined by a fixed increment test strip. For a 35mm slide to a 4x5 internegative, try as a starting point, f/22 @ 3 second increments fior at least 8-10 increments. If possible place the increment through a highlight and a shadow area each time.

4. Contrast filters can be used to change the relative brightness of subjects contained in the transparacy so that the subject with a color similar to the filter color will appear lighter and the colors that are blocked by the filter will appear darker in the final print. This produces a similar effect as when the filters are used on the camera lens when the subject was photographed. Red, orange and yellow filters will darken blue skies, green filters will lighten foliage, etc. If the filter was not employed when cutting the test strip remember to use the filter factor when exposing the print.

-- Mike Kravit (, December 01, 1999.

I agree with you

-- johneric (, December 23, 2000.

Slides onto 8 x 10 Ilford HP5 in D 76 for 8 min worked for me too. Try a few dev times to get the right contrast and density for Pd/Pt prints. Cheers

-- richard ilomaki (, January 23, 2001.

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