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I've been having trouble recording Punch-Out!! in win35. I can record just fine and nothing goes wrong while I'm playing the game, but when I watch it play back invariably the inputs get out of sync with the game, so I end up seeing myself getting beaten early on when I actually made it much farther (the timing isn't always thrown off at the same point, either. I can watch the same recording twice in a row and lose at different points in the game.). I lost a game when I made it to the 25th fight with a score of over 600,000 (all I have left of that gem is a screenshot when Mr. Sandman V or VI finally beat me), and another game of about 400,000. For what it's worth, I'm on a p2 400, 128 MB RAM, and I couldn't play back the win35 recording for Punch-Out!! on the MARP website correctly (that one wasn't made by me, and I was having the same difficulty as I was with my own recordings). Oh, my recordings of Super Punch-Out!! work just fine in win35.


-- Tickenest (, August 13, 1999


Two possibilities come to my mind:

1. Sound. On some games (and not neccessarily all MAME versions) you have to turn the sound off to record/playback. Super Punch Out! sound is ok but can't vouch for Punch-Out!

2. Sound samples. You can't use them, it throws off the playback speed. I know the speech emulation is terrible, but we're stuck with it. When I tried using the Punch-Out! samples with DOSMAME (they kind of work with Super too - Dragon Chan's kick is funny) it made the playback score unpredictable.

I haven't used WINMAME much, but record/playback can vary between versions - MAME35rc1 broke Demolition Derby but MAME30 through MAME35b13 work perfectly. If you can find earlier versions of WINMAME it may be worth a try.


-- Aquatarkus (, August 13, 1999.

Well, I tried it without samples like you said and it worked perfectly. Thanks a lot for your help.


-- Tickenest (, August 13, 1999.

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