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for those in the South Bend , IN area and all of Michiana.

there will be a y2k community conversation this wednesday evening, august the 18th, at 630 pm at the St Joseph County public library in the multimedia room. address is 304 S. Main in South Bend.

admission is free. come with questions. speakers include the president's y2k council, local red cross, the power company, local politicians, etc.

yours truly booked the room, but i don't have the exact lineup of speakers. see you there.

-- jocelyne slough (, August 13, 1999


Someone from the president's y2k council? That may be interesting !Just may drive up there (if I can find my tape recorder).

-- sue (, August 13, 1999.


Thanks for the heads up. Regarding "the Presidents y2k council", would this be Mr. Koskinen?

-- John F. (tinfoil hats @nd, August 13, 1999.

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