Would Bi-latteral Knee Replacements at the same surgery be possible to shorten rehab? Both kness are bad and my father is primary caregiver of my mother who has Alzheimer's.

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My father has been putting off total knee replacements due to my mother needing his care. He lives out-of- state. I am a R.N. and would be able to take a family leave to care for him and my mother during his rehabilitation. If he has only one knee replaced, he may never return for the other knee. I would like to explore the possibility of Bi-lat replacements. He is 78 years old and in good health.

-- Dianne Hartenburg (Dhartenbur@aol.com), August 12, 1999


Dianne, I had both my knees done March 30,99 (i only had core decompreesions)I was in bed for 7 weeks NO weight bearring at all, I had a hospital bed brought in with a trapize so i could lift myself over to the potty chair next to the bed.Since he'll be on a blood thinner a nurse came everyday (the first 10 days) to take my blood. My legs where wrapped with ace bandages. The pain was'nt too bad. I'm a mom with a son 13& a daughter 12, the hard part was not being able to do things (laundry, cooking,even cleaning) they also got me a wheelchair but I have a normal house and the wheels are to wide, they would order me another one they called it a companion chair but i would have to buy it and it would take 6 weeks.I know you're a nurse but do get help it sounds like you'll have enough to do, and rememnber to take care of you!Hope I was a little help if you have any questions e-mail me. My thoughts are with you.

-- Nancy Greenberg (greenplant@mindspring.com), September 14, 1999.

Dianne, i have had 52 operations on my knee and now i cannot walk. I have two brothers who always pick on me and they never know when to stop, so now you know your not in this world by yourself! I feel your pain

-nicholas gregory elderkin

-- nicholas gregory elderkin (nick_elderkin14@hotmail.com), November 05, 2002.

I am going to have both knees replaced shortly. I am uneasy having this done because I am alone all day, my daugher lives with me but she works long hours and therefore will not be much help. Last year I had five blood clots in my lungs and was in the hospital for 15 days so I will be on blood thiners. I am also overweight and understand that this will make it harder to get around. Maybe someone will give me some insight as to what to expect after surgery?

-- Doris Crawford (Softtouch2041@aol.com), May 28, 2003.

If you are really an RN than dont do both knees. Mine were done Nov 02 and one has already failed. I have not had one day without pain and curse the surgeon who failed. Just try to find a competent surgeon who can repair such a replacement and they are very hard to find. Many will want to do the initial surgery, but few are successful in the revision and amputation becomes the answer very quickly. The pain and rehab for both knees is beyond what even a nurse understands or can handle. I have nurse son and myself worked in an ER many years and I was NOT prepared (nor was he) for the horrible pain and rehab and disaster of what it really means to all of a sudden not have two legs functioning was a shock. I am only 63yrs old and was in good health. Now I am a cripple and the other side effects from the bilateral knee replacement have been extensive. Saving a few bucks or time is not love for your family...It is selfish....Nine months without adequate pain relief and nothing but further surgery in my future has ruined my blood pressure, etc. etc. I see a pain management clinic two times a week. And even they cant keep the pain under control.....stop thinking of bilateral please...my husband was sold by a very professional salesman (surgeon) who is doing a paper on bilateral knee replacements and it turns out , after the fact, and close loooking at my reports show that I should have never been offered bilateral. I did not meet all the criteria for one of the two knees to have such surgery. The surgeon made the money, I am a cripple now forever......by the way if this reply makes the website I will be surprised because I believe they will try to surpress such a bad report. This site might be funded by such surgeons as the salesman who did "the deed" on me.......

-- Mattie Ulrich (edwulr@msn.com), August 08, 2003.

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