Y2K Specialist Forms SWAT TEAM Team

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Y2K Specialist Forms SWAT Team By Steve Gold, Newsbytes. August 11, 1999

The Complete Solutions Group, which offers Y2K consultancy and services to companies whose information technology (IT) systems may be impacted by the "bug," says that organizations have not tested their systems for every eventuality surrounding the problem.

Because of this, Ian Blackwell, the firm's director, told Newsbytes, the company is the first in Europe - and possibly the world - to form SWAT-style teams to tackle the problem at the sharp end, when it occurs on January 2, 2000.

"The problem is that, while many IT managers have checked their systems for the Y2K problem, a sizable minority haven't run a complete test on their systems. For them, the real problems may not surface until they come back into their offices on January 2," he said.

Blackwell said that his Y2K teams will be available for consultation before the January 1 deadline, and customer companies can sign up for three levels of service: silver, gold, and platinum.

This will, the firm says, give them direct access to as many as 500 consultants to solve their Y2K problems.

"We will be offering our services from 8am on January 2, as that's the time when we think that people will start returning to their offices and make discoveries that their systems are not working properly," he said.

Blackwell added that the decision to offer the post-Y2K consultancy SWAT-style service from January 2 was taken because hardly anyone will be at work on January 1. The millennium celebrations, he quipped, will probably mean that January 1 will be spent recovering from a hangover.

"Over the past 18 months, the activity surrounding Y2K compliance has increased dramatically. Most organizations believe they have, or are very close to, achieving full Y2K compliance with their business," he said.

However, he went on to say, some companies have consciously chosen not to make everything Y2K compliant, due to the perceived insignificance of a system or application in their business.

"Few have tested their compliancy status end to end, which would include components such as communications links, data feeds from minor applications, and printing," he said.

Because of this, he argues, many organizations may have IT problems after January 1, 2000.

"The recovery squads have been set to react immediately to these types of companies, so, even if the Y2K problem wreaks havoc throughout a business' IT systems, the problems will be dealt with promptly," he said.

-- Al K. Lloyd (al@ready.now), August 12, 1999


duh-maybe a dumb?? but how do they get around=transportation=problem,s.-must be 1 big swat-team,that can save the world.

-- curious-spectator. (dogs@zianet.com), August 12, 1999.

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