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Hi all

I have recently brought a studio MP10, I have made a video, saved it at VCD format and put it on a CD via Win On CD 3.6 The video plays on my machine, but I have played it on others systems and strange things happen. 1 system lost it network card, another lost the desktop background, and the last lost sound, all systems were fine before play the CD. I have been told that the settings are wrong in the way that I am recording the MPEG and they have to be just right or these things can happen, can any body the exact frame and audio rates that I should be recording at

Many Thanks


-- Brian (, August 12, 1999


Ooops, sorry, forgot to say what Studio MP10 thinks the setting are. Video = 1150 Kbits/sec Sound = 44.1 kHz Frame Size = SIF 352x288

Are these Right?

-- Brain (, August 12, 1999.

Hi Brian

Make sure you have the latest patch for the MP10 software. It makes a change in the audio bit rate from 192kbits/sec to the correct 224 kbits/sec.

-- Hans (, August 13, 1999.

The setting for a VCD should be 352 X 240.

-- Bruce Kuhn (, August 17, 1999.

If the intended final VCD video format is PAL, the MPEG files should have a dimension of 352X288, and 352X240 if NTSC. In the place where I am, I have both PAL and NTSC footage and to make things as simple as possible for everything down the chain of Video CD creation, I restrict video capture to these two dimensions nearly always. Some encoders like Xing and DVMPEG accept other resolutions and dimensions for source AVIs, but in keeping with 'you don't get something for nothing', the resulting Video CD White Book-constrained .MPG file are not nearly as good as when you started with the correct dimensions to begin with. This includes frame rate; results are even more unpredictable if the source frame rate is not 29.97fps for NTSC, and 25fps for PAL.

-- Emmanuel Martinez (, August 18, 1999.

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