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My brother is heading to Poland with the idea that he can pick up photo assignments before he goes...or when he arrives. (He also does freelance writing and radio...) I tell him he's nuts. I know the net, he knows pictures. So the disconnect is plain!

-- Taylor Walsh (, August 12, 1999


It very unusual that an agency, magazine, etc. would give assignments to someone that they have not worked with in the past. Although most would take a look at what was brought back. This is "shooting on spec" - meaning that the agency , mag, etc only makes a commitment to view the work and "maybe" make use of it after its done. He should contact as many agencys,magazines,etc as he can before leaving and let them know what he intends to be concentrating on while there and make arrangements for them to see the work when he returns. It should be noted that most agencys already have photographers that have and continue to cover most regions.

-- jim megargee (, December 25, 1999.

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