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Feedback from Sharon Joy Kleitsch...

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-- Sharon Joy Kleitsch (, August 12, 1999


Remembering the both / and and our queries about dates...

Suggest we highlight events anywhere, anytime, when local activists and/or government have brought / will bring together a learn/teach-in. Maybe it's not AN event but A movement, the cycle of learning/teaching.

This is the "event": a tide of well meaning, caring activism. How about that for a global shift?

Team Florida 2000 Readiness Symposium "Preparing Your Organization for Y2K" Thursday, August 26, 8 a.m. - noon Tampa Convention Center, in downtown Tampa Gov. Jeb Bush and Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan invite you to attend.

Following Brogan's keynote, coverage on the Commerce Protection Act, Critical Infrastructure Updates (telecommunications, electricity, water,banks) and FL Senate Bill 80- Y2K Commerce, there will be workshops on preparing your organization and one on resource and information sharing. No charge. Sponsored by Bell South, NationsBank, Florida Power, Florida Power and Light, Lakeland Electric, TECO, Delta, Florida Trend, Florida Chamber, Gulf Power, Assoc. Industries of FL, Orlando Utility Comm,Pride Enterprises, Univ of FL and Univ of Miami. Register via or fax to 850-922-6149. Questions to 850-488-7241.

Here's one coming up in Pasco County FL. Heard about it from above and below - the Gov's Y2K office and local networking:

"What Can We Expect in the New Millennium, January 1, 2000?" Saturday, September 11 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Calvary Chapel Worship Center, 6825 Trouble Creek Rd. New Port Richey FL. Call 727-376-7733 or email Pastor Stacy at (

There'll be government (mayor, state and local reps), business (Florida Power, Publix Food Stores, banking, airlines), as well as EMS, Red Cross and water depts. speaking. Information tables. It's free, but they'd appreciate hearing so they can plan on how much coffee and how many chairs.

What's next? I'll bet among us we could put together a great SERIES of events of people coming together to learn/teach each other, just by posting them.

Of course, more both / and. Each have so many gifts to share, and we are.

Reaching in to reach out. Sharon Joy

-- Sharon Joy Kleitsch (, August 22, 1999.

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