Having to worry about dentist visits and infections after surgury

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recently I was told that a post full knee replacement patient has to take some sort of antibiotic before going to the dentist because a infection in the mouth via cut to the gums would go directly to the new knee. My mother is 85 and had a full knee replacement almost two months ago. She's doing great but this info scared her, and it came from another person that had a full knee replacement. If this is true what else didn't they tell her to watch out for post surgury? Because they did't say much at all. If you have more info I'd appreciate it.

-- s J (lilsand22s@yahoo.com), August 12, 1999


Response to having to worry about dentist visits and infections after surgury

Hi. I just read your question about dental surgery following joint replacement. I had a hip replacement in 1987, and a re-do this year. Both times I was told that if I ever have to have "oral, vaginal, anal" surgery, I MUST take antibiotics before and after the procedure. So now whenever I go to the dentist for a basic cleaning,I take about 7 500 mg. pills (penicillin, I think), and 4 following. Gives me a bit of a stomachache, but no problems otherwise. I'd rather be safe than sorry!

If I were your mother, I would do it, but not worry about it.

Take care,


P.S. In fact, I carry a card in my wallet that says this very thing. I got it from the hospital.

-- Corinne Dacyshyn (cdacyshyn@yahoo.com), September 22, 1999.

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