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There is an Application, where the use of four Color Black is necessary. Now i read in the PS Manuals in several issues. I tried the most of that stuff, but i didn`t came to an effort.

Could somebody give me a short term procedure how to manage that.



-- Anonymous, August 12, 1999


This would probably depend on what printer you use, but I'll give you a remedy that works for me on my Colorspan 8 color. In PS client, with your postscript previewed, go to Color Correction>Color Replacement. Click the "add" icon> click the LEFT sample button> click on the solid black area of your image (all selected areas turn white)> In the right hand columns for color values, plug in 255C,255M,255Y and approximately 150K. This will give you 100% of every color and around 60% black. I use this for backlit material. If the ink is too saturated, back off on the black a bit. Good luck.

-- Anonymous, September 30, 1999

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