Encad Pro600 with Win95

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In an Application where Encad Pro 600e with Win95/PosterShop 4.5 runs. The use of ECP Printer Port results now and then in BlueScreens where it states that VxD lpt 01 was the cause. I read in the PS Manuals, that there used to be Problem in that configuration, because the Encad ECP Support is not that clean.

So what, when this is the case in this Application could be done to fix the Problem?



-- Anonymous, August 12, 1999


Use a network print server like the Intel Netport Express or an HP JetDirect. These eliminate the need for printing through the LPT port which is generally problemati

-- Anonymous, December 05, 1999

Also available are encad/troy tested print servers like the Pony100 from Troy XCD.

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2000

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