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We had decided to move because we didn't trust our landlord, but that decision is more or less moving into fast forward since he gave us a thirty day vacate notice. Turns out he found someone else who will pay more for a lease purchase. Ah well. We have already relocated from southern CA to northern Idaho several months ago. We think it is beautiful here, find the people to be fairly conservative and self-sufficient (in general), and our kids are just getting settled after last year's big disruption. On the other hand, property values are rather high since this is a tourist mecca. If anyone here lives in northern Idaho and knows of a good rural place to lease or lease/purchase, would you please let me know? Email is real. We are open to moving further away, if the situation was desirable enough. Hubby is a consulting electrical engineer (self-employed), and is fairly flexible with work. He has been "commuting" to southern CA, so we are adaptable. If there is a Christian (Please don't flame me for the Christian terminology,... if you have read my quick tempered posts, or been the recipient of such, I apologize AGAIN; however, my basic beliefs are what they are, and I still hope for the ideal scenario of Christians working together)landowner/family who has enough land to offer a secure, somewhat long term lease, please let me know. We would have to do a financial song and dance to purchase right now, and are hoping to do that after the dust settles on Y2K and the potential depression with corresponding plunge in real estate values. We have a ways to go with preparations, but have done quite a bit so far. Thanks. Also, any and all feedback is appreciated. This was a difficult day.

-- Mumsie (, August 12, 1999


Hey Mumsie. Take a look at the Idaho map and look up Orofino or Kamiah. It is in northern Idaho. This is truly God's country. Breathtaking scenery! Very low population! Ideal for a Y2K bugout! Take a drive out and check it out. I know you will fall in love with that part of the country! I have been there many times on vacation. If you have time take the road to Elk City. Unbelievably beautiful! Good luck!

-- freddie (, August 13, 1999.

Hey Mumsie. Also, while you're at it, take a short drive up the road to Lolo Pass, Montana. Absolutely beautiful!

-- freddie (, August 13, 1999.

Thanks freddie, think I will! We would like to stay within about 30-60 minutes of Coeur d'Alene, if at all possible. We wish some of long-time friends were serious about preparing, because it seems like it would be much better to get property together, and share the barn, well, defense, skills etc. They are all planning on #1 Preparing some and weathering it out where they are in southern CA..or #2 Not preparing and counting on it not being a big deal. Sigh

-- Mumsie (, August 13, 1999.

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