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Hi, all; I'm wondering what the rest of the world thinks about all this y2k business.

A while back a man addressed the forum in spanish; some of the responses written by some of the regulars here were so rude that I guess the hombre got bummed out and never came back. What he appeared to be asking for was information from folks from other countries, as I recall.

I, too, am interested in hearing from our global brothers and sisters (please don't give me a bunch of shit for this, INVARS and others of your ilk, just because YOU don't consider them brothers and sisters) about the state of awareness and preparedness in their respective countries.

What brought this up is an email I just got from my sister. She recently corresponded with a woman from Greece who had "never heard of " y2k. I can't imagine that this is typical. Maybe this person lives under a bridge or something. On the other hand, she DID correspond with my sis by email.

Anyone got any ideas about getting people from other countries to join in our discussion? (sorry to whoever told the spanish speaking individual to bug off because he couldn't, or didn't want to, speak english (because "this is America") I happen to believe that this is CYBERSPACE, and all should be welcome here--regardless of their linguistic abilities.


-- Al K. Lloyd (, August 11, 1999


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-- Frau Blucher (achtung@bier.garten), August 11, 1999.

Speak english or go somewhere else to post you message! Moderator, please delete this thread!

-- englishonly!!!! (, August 11, 1999.

Eine zwei drei vier f|nf sechs sieben acht neun 10. Lassen Sie uns aller Zdhlimpuls zu 10....all sofort jetzt.

-- Frau Blucher (achtung@bier.garten), August 11, 1999.

"Round and round and round it goes, and where it stops nobody knows." -- Gil Ofarim (German songwriter)

-- Randolph (, August 11, 1999.

Go to following site for free translations......spanish german etc...

-- mmmm (, August 11, 1999.

Under the rules you cannot ask that a thread be deleted when using an alias such as the one used above. You must use your regular handle. This rule applies to everyone and anyone can make a request to have a thread deleted. If three requests are made under this rule and the thread offers no value then chances are it'll be deleted.

However, why delete the thread? This is an excellent topic. The question IS asked in english isn't it? And, if we are connected to the world and dependent on the world then you really expect to get by in isolation?





-- Michael Taylor (, August 11, 1999.

This was a serious request. I hope to get serious answers. I'd love it if they are in English, but if not, maybe someone would translate. I speak spanish moderately well. I also studied German, but not for long, and don't remember much of what I learned. Frau Blucher ( Is kind enought to tell us she is a married woman, count to ten, and generally be silly, as far as I can tell.

Englishonly, why are you so offended by other languages besides english? Are you feeling threatened? If you don't want to read other languages, don't read them. But someone may have something to tell us that we will never learn from reading only AP, UPI, WND, etc.


-- Al K. Lloyd (, August 12, 1999.

OK... MIKE... I haven't really considered the 3 request rule. ]]]

Ref other languages:

I have a sufficiency with cognates to see that the longer post is a spoof in german. I'll leave it until someone translates it for us and we find it's MORE than just a harmless spoof (Xena Warior Princess???)

I have NO PROBLEM with other languages as long as there are English subtitles. In other words, if there are posts in languages other than English, the translation MUST be included. i can't do MY job here if I can't read and understand the post.

In short, hence forth, no translation = delete on sight as far as I'm concerned.

yupyup xenophobic as they come! If I'm on vacation THEY better all speak MY language or I'm jes gonna yell LOUDER. ;-)

Chuck, who strives NOT to be mistaken for an Ugly American, most of the time.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, August 12, 1999.

"Transgressions that the upstart perpetrated", "Warrior Princess Xena", "sexists","eternal subjugation" ?

Think we're getting a puton here.

-- sue (, August 12, 1999.

You don't have to go to Greece to hear "Y2k what?"

Heard it myself just the other day from a sweet young college boy. Too busy saving redwoods and registering for classes to watch TV. Doesn't pay attention to newspapers etc...

There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of folks right here in the USA who are truly clueless. Even worse, I have talked to many who seem to think that anyone who knows about Y2k can and is fixing it.

There are millions who think Y2k prep means the same thing as Y2k remediation. "Doesn't preparing for Y2k mean your preventing it from happening?" - quote from a chat room.

I can't tell you how many people think that what I mean by "community awareness for Y2k preps" involves some sort of complicated programming that only geeks can do. Not just putting aside some edibles.

Its enough to make me weep - and often does.

-- R (, August 12, 1999.


Here in New Zealand we are generally Y2K aware, however the concensus is that it shouldn't be too much of an issue. The rollover will come during our summer when much of our industry is closed down anyway. Two thirds of our power generation is hydro based which means few embedded systems, and no reliance on oil. Food will be plentiful, and most of the country can survive quite well without the normal infrastucture.

New Zealand is a technically advanced country, but we are also technically conservative. It is common for advances in technology to be discovered here in NZ, but the resultant knowledge is then exported to either USA or Britain to be developed. As examples; it was a New Zealander (Earnest Rutherford) who first split the atom, but here in NZ we have only one small nuclear reactor for medical isotopes and no nuclear industry at all. The Platapump principle was discovered by a Dunedin inventor, but the technology was only put into production in USA.

We only started using SCADA in industry in the 1980s, and most embedded systems use imported hardware with locally developed software.

One big difference that appears to be cropping up concerns the way that computer algarithms have been developed in our two countries. When I took Comp. Sci. as a subject in the 70s, our professor made a point of teaching that dates should only be used for tagging, and not for calculations. I don't think that Y2K was the reason, but just that it was good practice and required shorter programs to deal with time by other methods. So any programs that I have developed (and I am not employed as a programmer) have never used dates in calculations. And I believe that it was unusual, untill quite recently, to find programs that do use dates in calculations.

I cannot speak for all industries as my expertise is in power generation and distribution, but it does appear that, at least in the fields that I am familiar with, NZ is well ahead of USA both in awareness and remediation.


-- Malcolm Taylor (, August 12, 1999.

From Alta Vista Translations:

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-- mabel (, August 12, 1999.

in the new testament, paul says (and i'm paraphrasing wildly here) 'speaking in tongues is great, but if you don't have someone who can translate for the edification of the church, you might as well keep it to yourself.' i think that fits this situation.

if a foreign language post is id'ed in the title line, we can just ignore those we can't read.

-- Cowardly Lion (, August 12, 1999.

riversoma, you're absolutely right; there are lots of folks here who are pretty clueless, although I personally haven't met anyone above age six or eight who doesn't at least know what y2k is about. However, we are all able to figure out the regretable condition of our countrymen's awareness and preparedness through personal observation. Learning about the y2k condition of folks in other countries is harder. Sure, we can read all kinds of stuff from the "normal" news sources, but I personally like to hear from people personally, to avoid some of the media's filtration.

Therefore, thanks very much for your input, Malcolm. I've read several of your posts in the past, but didn't know you were from NZ. I'm impressed by your knowledge. I wonder if some of our more rabid element will be offended to hear that you think NZ is ahead of the US.

Mabel, thanks for the alta vista translation. Is this "babelfish?" I am impressed by babelfish, but find that it is better at making very funny goofs than at giving accurate translations, which I think is what is happening here, as well.

If anyone wants to test babelfish, and get a good laugh from the funny translations, try translating a paragraph in english to some other language. Then copy the result back to english. You'll be amazed at what babel fish CAN and CANNOT do! Language is far too subtle for a computer to get a good handle on, at least in today's computer world.

Chuck, please don't go off on all foreign language postings. At least give them a chance; someone may translate for us. If not, so what? There have only been one or two TOTAL on this forum that I've ever seen. That is not much of an impact. If they start clogging up the system, you can reconsider. Thanks. We might miss some very enlightening postings otherwise.

Cowardly lion, I agree with you; if you can't read it, igore it. Thanks for the support.


-- Al K. Lloyd (, August 12, 1999.

I don't really have an answer for you, Al. I just like to stop by and give a "Thumbs-up" to anyone who resists the fear inspired parochialism that Y2K seems to be fostering.

I dunno know about the "brothers and sisters" part, since there are plenty of people within shouting distance that I won't even claim as distant cousins, let alone considering the concept globaly. However, it is a "we make it, or break it, together" kind of situation. We didn't get ourselves into this situation, all by our lonesomes, and we ain't gonna get ourselves out of it that way, either.

-- Bokonon (, August 12, 1999.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr near Monterey, California

I have a French friend who lived here in California for a few years before moving back to France in early 1997. He's a high officer in a French transportation logistics company (President, I think.) Up until early this year, I had been corresponding with his family every month or so, via e-mail. In January, when I GI'd, I wrote telling them how worried I was about Y2K. They wrote back asking me to explain to them what in the heck I was talking about. I explained a bit and gave a link to my Y2K cover page (which I originally made up just for them), and haven't heard back from them since.

J'ai un ami frangais qui a habiti ici en Californie pendant quelques annies avant de se diplacer de nouveau ` la France dibut 1997. Il est un haut officier ` une compagnie frangaise de logistique de transport (prisident, je pense). Jusque ttt ` cette annie, j'avais correspondu ` sa famille chaque mois ou ainsi, via email. En janvier, quand j'ai rialisi l'impact probable du problhme de Y2K, je les ai icrits disant ` quel point j'inquiiti itais au sujet de Y2K. Ils ont icrit me demander en arrihre d'expliquer ` eux de quoi je parlais. J'ai expliqui un peu et ai donni un lien ` ma page Web de couverture de Y2K (que j'ai initialement composie juste pour eux), et je n'ai pas entendu en arrihre d'eux depuis.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage.neener.autospammers--regrets.greenspun), August 13, 1999.

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