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Being out in the middle of the Pacific, thousands of miles from just about anywhere, I feel we have some geographic specific issues that need to be addressed. Does anyone have any input on this?

-- grngrl (, August 11, 1999


Yes, you're probably lucky, unless you depend on prescription drugs.

-- Dog Gone (, August 11, 1999.

The big question is: "Do you have a spare room?" Please disregard if you're on Guam.

First Prize - One week vacation on Guam.

Second Prize - Two week vacation on Guam.

-- PNG (Peter Gauthier) (, August 11, 1999.

grngrl: We probably have some of the same preparedness issues. We live on the garden island of Kaua'i. One electric generation plant, small police force, relatively small population, most food (and all petroleum) imported over long sea routes, economy limited to just a couple of aras (tourism, sugar, coffee, government, seed production).

Because we have water almost as a given (and heat is NOT an issue), we are emphasizing our preparedness with food, fuel, generator, and dealing economically with a recession/depression. Protection may not be much of an issue... I'd love to get a medium size sailboat for fishing, visits to other islands, etc., should it become necessary to ration fuel.

We are also looking at the distinct possibility that we may have additional guests (either family or tourists) over year end...which raises our preparedness requirements considerably.

-- Mad Monk (, August 11, 1999.


>The big question is: "Do you have a spare room?" Please disregard if you're on Guam.<

So, you too have been to Guam. I agree with you about Guam, and I will add in Okinawa and Taiwan too.


-- sweetolebob (, August 12, 1999.

S.O.B. ~ Snakes, rocks and populated with the laziest forms of human life on the planet. Would rather starve to death than get up out of a chair. Other than that, the weather is nice...

Can I add Los Angeles to the list?

-- PNG (Peter Gauthier) (, August 12, 1999.

(1) A number of us have already added Los Angeles to the list...

(2) Guam weather. They get even more hurricanes than we do in Hawai'i! (I'm tracking two to our southeast right now...)

(3) Guam has a good Coast Guard Auxiliary unit...

-- Mad Monk (, August 12, 1999.

Aloha Madmonk! I feel somewhat giddy at actually having contacted someone in my Ohana. We're on the Big Island. Water is somewhat of a different situation for us, we're on the dry side. Even so, it doesn't feel like an overwhelming problem. We too are focusing on food (we do love to eat here, don't we?) I'm not concerned about electricity -- when it gets dark, we go to bed! Refridgeration? No need. Other 21st century goodies? Oh well. My big focus is on my physical and mental health -- how I will be able to support my family and community through any possible difficulties is a primary concern. I have been spending quite a bit of time talking to older Hawaiians and learning about their earlier lifestyles -- much to learn from them that will be of benefit to all of us. We have much to be grateful for that life brought us to these shores. I will now read your postings with an added interest and I look forward to further communications. Aloha and Mahalo Nui - Grngrl

-- grngrl (, August 12, 1999.

I'd much rather be on Kauai that in Silicon Valley. Count your blessings islanders!

Oh for a sailboat, snorkeling gear and tropical waters!


Good luck! Stock up on what comes from the mainland, then relax. (It's all... location, location, location).


-- Diane J. Squire (, August 12, 1999.

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