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According to this article,1575,SAV-9908110137,00.html

Cook county is just now authorizing purchase of a new computer system to make everything compliant for Y2K. They "hope" to be "on schedule" to be ready by December 1. The article, while it lasts, is not optimistic.

Anybody live in Cook county? Yikes

-- Margaret (, August 11, 1999


It seems many folks aren't aware or take it seriously. Tonight I asked a total stranger from the USA what her friends were saying: oh, nothing, we all know the government is lying to us and there is really nothing to worry about!!! how's that for an answer!

-- Elizabeth Abbott (, August 11, 1999.

Used to live there.

Got out while the gettin' was good.

Expect it to look like Beirut during the Mid-80's by the time April gets here.

With Stroger and the other imbeciles still running the show there, don't expect the new computers to even be plugged in by Dec 1st.

Yup, a county of over 8 million that includes the inner city of Chicago and all the surrounding cement jungles of suburbia are going to be well-in-hand by the likes of the inept Democrat monopoly of bozos running the show over there.

Am glad I'm long gone.

-- INVAR (, August 11, 1999.

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