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i have a PentiumIII Machine with asus TNT2 ultra Graphics card and a X50 CDROM , and here is the thing , Every player i tryed dont play it , i tryed a couple of differen movies (All VideoCDs) , even XingPlayer couldnt play . the system can access the CD File system beacuse i can see the file & directories on the VCD i can even point to the players at the DAT file in the Mpegav directory , but every player can't success to read the data or open the file , even explorer cant , i know the CD-ROM Drive can read the data beacuse adaptec CD-Copier succedd to read it blocks and duplicate the disk (in my machine (i also have a CD-WRITER)) and CD-Copier Disk info said that the CD is in MODE2 , form2 .

PLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEE help me i Tried everything and still , i cant play the VCDS.

-- dudu (, August 11, 1999



I have very similar problem on my PII-300. I have Mitsumi 32x CD-ROM (master) and HP 8200i CD R/W (slave). Both CD-ROM and CD R/W can read the VCDs but all MPEG player fail saying somthing like MMSYSTEMxxx error .. file not supported. I could not find a very good solution but if I remove all CD writing software for the HP 8200i (DirectCD, Easy CD creator, etc.) then both CD-ROM and 8200i can read and play VCD again. Of cause when I want to burn a CD, I will have to install the driver and program for the CD R/W again. If anyone know a good solution for this problem, please let me know. Thanks.

Charayaphan, C.

-- Dr. Charayaphan, C. (, August 25, 1999.

I installed windows over my old windows (dont format!!!), this cured the problem and takes less than an hour, all vcds i tried no work

-- Johnson (, July 21, 2001.

I've been hacking my DVD LG 5822N, and I'd like to know if there are any other models I can hack... My LG worked out and now I can watch VCDs... Are there any other brands I can work with?


-- Gustavo (, July 25, 2002.

Somebody help me…I have a problem….My pc cant play vcds anymore…. It just came as a surprise, because my pc never had problems of playing vcds until one day it just couldn’t play anymore!..I checked my cd rom to see if it was the prob, but it is still working pretty much properly coz it could still read different cds, except only for vcds!!!! Why is is this so?!?!?! I even tried almost every player but it still doesn’t play vcds….It doesn’t seem to read the file format!… windows media player ,to cyberlink powerdvd, you name every player there is! But it still just doesn’t play…. Even if the cd has its own player it still says “FILE FORMAT NOT SUPPORTED”.I tried copying those .dat files to my hd but explorer couldn’t even copy them.…I really don’t know how this had come to happen?…. What’s wrong with my pc?…..and What should I do?………HELP I need your reply badly ASAP!! My pc:windowsME,128RAM,pentium31.0gHz


-- tristan a. (, March 25, 2003.

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