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I have an '88 Saab 900 turbo. I am experiencing a fuel deficiency problem when the engine is cold. It takes a long time to warm up to where the engine stabilizes. Stepping on the accelerator under these conditions only seems to choke the engine. I have replaced both fuel pumps in an effort to correct the problem. Any suggestions?

-- carlos portillo (, August 11, 1999


i chased a cold and warm start problem for awhile.... if all else is in order my bet and my fix is fuel injectors.i had changed 2 sets, both form junk yards to no avail.i got a set a 740 turbo injectors from my brother and they work great, it does run slighty rich so i will at some point send my original injectors off to be cleaned.there is nothing you can put in your tank to achieve the same results....

-- j swiger (, June 14, 2002.

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