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So, your family's crazy? Tell me about it. If they're funnier than mine, I'd like to hear it. My family is one part Tennesse Williams, one part Flannery O'Connor (and one secret part: Jack Daniels). We're Southern, what's your excuse?

-- Allison (, August 10, 1999


well, we've got southern (born and raised in the mountains of north carolina) and we've got upstate little coal mining town pennsylvania, so we've got inbred (not really, but i like to pick on that half of the relatives) and we've got, well, more inbred. we all have the same bad habits, and yet no one seems to realize that they have them, it's just everyone else who has them. we've had some massive feuds, but since my grandfather passed away, things have calmed down some.

-- aggie (, November 29, 1999.

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