Yardeni affirms his earlier predictions

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Ed Yardeni just posted his latest missive on the Y2K phenomenon. Dr. Yardeni usually posts once or twice a month, but it has been three months since his last post. I had become concerned that he might bow out of the debate for reasons similar to those of the ONE.

If you are unfamiliar with Ed Yardeni, he is the chief economist and global investment strategist for a most huge German (?) bank. He was voted the best economic forecaster of a recent year by the WSJ (?). He has been predicting Y2K problems for the past several years, and so has fallen from the graces of the economically powerful.

Although we heard rumors and many misquotes several months ago, he is sticking with his ealier predictions that there will be a 70% chance of a recession and a one in twenty chance of a complete melt-down. You may read his well-reasoned analysis at


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-- Uhmm.. (jfcp81a@prodigy.com), August 10, 1999



Again, another excellent analysis from Dr. Edward Yardeni.

-- Linkmeister (link@librarian.edu), August 10, 1999.


Thanks for the hotlink. You are the man. I am rewarded by the knowledge that someone else has benefitted from the good Doctor's work. By the way, I have followed with interest your own work on this forum, and I am happy that you share my high regards for Dr. Yardeni.

Several years ago, Gary North caught my attention with a critique of the hopeless IRS situation. I wanted to believe GN was just nutter, though he concocted an eloquent arguement (I am an ancient COBOL programmer so could understand his distrust of large, federal, computer-ralated projects with magic deadlines). When GN provided links to the official IRS RFQ that admitted certain defeat, I was really interested and began researching the topic.

When the ONE who is the virtual father of structured programming weighed in with a commentary and book, I became convinced of the hazards of Y2K. I no longer doubted my own fears; but for numerous reasons, I continued my research and delayed any preparation.

Now, I also have a degree in the geen eyeshaded trade and in finance, so I enjoy thinking I must know something about economics. It was Dr. Yardeni's cogent analysis of the far reaching impact of the Y2K phenomenon that finally got me off my scholarly butt and convinced me to prepare.

My efforts have since been non-stop and extremely rewarding. I always look forward to Dr. Yardeni's posts and recommend them highly to both to pollies and to folks new to the Y2K mystery.


-- Uhmm.. (jfcp81a@prodigy.com), August 10, 1999.


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Internal Revenue Service: Serious Weaknesses Impact Ability To Report on and Manage Operations. AIMD-99-196. August 9, 1999.
http://www.gao.gov/ new.items/ai99196.pdf

-- (irs@watchers.anon), August 11, 1999.


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