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Heisann alle sammen. Jeg heter Cicilie og er en Ts fra Trondheim pe 31 er. desverre har jeg ikke kommet i gang med noen behandlig enne men venter pe det. Jeg lever som jente full tid daglig uansett men alikevel vil ikke, alt bli 100% fxr jeg har kommmet til mitt mel. Skriver en del dikt pe fritiden og Elin mente jeg burde legge ut det siste her, se jeg gjxr som hun sier.

ONEWAY TRACK ************ I feel helpless, don't know what too do, I'm not sad, I don't feel blue. It feels like i am on a dark train on a oneway track, the train runs through the night, i know there is no turning back. I'm alone on a onway track. But soon i know what i have to do, the answer is out there, that my friend is true. This train don't stop at any station, this train don't take me to any vacation. This is a oneway track. The train runs true the night without a sound, taking me to my future bit by bit, thoughts runing through my brain here where i in the darknes sit. Outside not even a single light are in sight here we runs on a oneway track. This train takes me further and further away from the past, bringing me closer to my destination, bringing me closer and closer to my future, my final station. I'm on a train on a oneway track. Soon the sad memories from the past fades away behind us here we runs through the night, and as sad memories fade away, new ones will soon be in sight. As soon as we ariwes to our destination, the begining of the end of a new oneway track. Because life is like a train runing through the night, as we move along new places turn up, new experience's we learn, the only thing you bring along is yourself and your heart where you have your friends, your good memories, if you forget them you have to turn. And you can't do that on a train runing through the night on a oneway track, there is no turning, not on a oneway track...

Trondheim 9.8.99 Cicilie

Dere kan og ta en titt pe min hjemme side om dere vil http://home.c2i.net/imeland/tgp/welcome.htm Takk hilsen Cicilie

-- Cicilie Meland (imeland@c2i.net), August 10, 1999

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